Cambria, Big Sur, Paso Robles - Off Season Girl Friend Getaway Scores a 10

I invited my bffs on an girlfriend getaway to California's the mid coast for a 4 day getaway. We saw more wildlife in an seven-hour day than I saw on a seven-day cruise of Alaska. 

Starting out Monday morning, Alice, my walking friend (she walks 10 miles a day when on vacation) spotted sea otter and seals and a number of sea birds. After breakfast at the White Water Inn in Cambria, California (it was brought to the room), we hopped in the car which now sported windows cleaned by the inn staff (a surprising courtesy so you don't miss any of the Big Sur coastal views), We headed out to see the elephant seals just north of Moonstone Beach and the inn. Hundreds of seals were nursing their hundreds of babies while simutaneously fending off male advances. The docent informed us that this was one of 4 spots in the world where we coulds see such a sight.

When we returned to the inn, they were hand feeding the local bluejays and taught us as well. The birds landed in our outstretched hands and swooped away with their breakfast. Then, just as we were packing up, guests at the inn - a youngish retired couple - came by with guitar and the innkeeper orchestrated an impromptu concert right in front of the inn. Then onward up the coast to our next stay - the yurts at Treebones.

white water inn.jpg

elephant seals.jpg

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