#1 Best-Loved Covid Change at Bed & Breakfasts? Self Check-In

#1 Best-Loved Covid Change at Bed & Breakfasts? Self Check-In

Meandering Allowed with Self Check-In

#1 Best-Loved Covid Change? Self Check-In

In an interview with Lancaster County’s Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village, PA we learned that what guests absolutely Love that is from Covid is the inn’s Self-Check.

“We now have a Lockbox we mounted to our exterior wall (brick). We put the programmable electronic key cards in the Lockbox with the guest’s name. We email codes for the lockbox.

“Manila envelopes are placed separately with instructions and directions nearby.

Why Guests LOVE Self-Check-In

  1. No stress trying to get there on time.
  2. They can run to the bathroom as soon as they arrive
  3. Gives more personal freedom on the way to the inn
  4. They can stop and smell the roses and feel free & on vacation

Of all the changes that have happened this last year, this is the one guests rave about. The cost including the purchase of the key machine runs around $.60 per key. It is programmed for the number of nights the guest has booked.”