September 2020

72% Still Plan to Travel in 2020, Texas Inn’s Cooking Class Schedule


Can You Believe This Cooking Class Schedule? Discover Your Inner Chef Cooking is one of the passions at the pioneering Blair House Inn  in Texas. I could foresee some travelers booking every 3-Day cooking class on this schedule because this wide array of classes offers a life-giving diversion to folks needing to have some fun. Blair House is […]

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Airbnb Boycotting Google, Inns Ditch Pillows & Magazines, One Inn’s Fixed List Put Them On Page One

Inns Ditch Magazines and Pillows

Inns Ditch Magazines and Pillows A hallmark of hospitality at an inn is the personalized service. It’s the conversations over breakfast that create new friendships. It’s the homemade treats, cozy rooms. How are inns supposed to create this atmosphere in the middle of a pandemic? The American Hotel & Lodging Association launched the Stay Safe […]

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Hidden Fees Airbnbs Charge, How Inns Make Guests Feel Secure, Telling Guests What to Wear? 1-Minute Omelet

Should You Tell Guests What to Pack & Wear?

Visit Napa Valley Should You Tell Guests What to Pack & Wear? Visit Napa Does. Although it seemed frivolous at first, when I read through the newsletter it made sense – such as not wearing perfume when wine tasting. And temps can change and overall such a list is kind of handy. Additionally, it gives road […]

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Best Bed & Breakfasts In the Bogo Program

Washington House Inn

Endless Summer Made Easy There’s another 2 months of “Stretch Season” The Washington House Inn in Wisconsin, shown above, is a popular choice for Midwest road trippers. The Free Night is available here year-round, midweek. Road trips are still the most popular travel option – 73% of travelers feel safest on road trips. Stay in America’s best inns when […]

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