May 2020

Explosion In USA Travel Predicted in Several Surveys, Best Housekeeping Award, Gratitude, Heart-Shaped Appetizers

They Think There Will Be An Explosion in Domestic Travel & Road Trips 4 Predictions Domestic travel and road trips will be the next big trend! This week a new survey of 14,000 done online with a list of airport customers was announced. The comprehensive data from this survey shows how eager the travel community is to […]

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Texas B&B Opens to a Full House

Texas Inn Re-Opens With Almost Full House

Texas Inn Re-Opens With Almost Full House “Texas opened up two weeks ago and business was immediate and I’ve been almost full all the time. Reservations seem to be a spur of the moment and last minute, but I’ve been booked with a steady stream of guests waiting to get out of the house.” “They’ve […]

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12 Innkeeper Perspectives Shared, Please Don’t Close Maine, Viral Velocity Scenarios

Former Innkeeper Makes a Pitch for Opening Maine

Survey Question: Is Anything Working to Sustain Your Future? In answer to the above survey question posed to innkeepers on May 5: 35% of innkeepers reported that absolutely nothing was working 13% of innkeepers reported that they have no mortgage. The majority of innkeepers are hopeful and employing everything they can think of to keep […]

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Take The Re-Open and Economic Recovery Survey, Skywalker Ranch B&B, Existing SBA Loans

Take This Re-Open and Economic Survey

Take This Re-Open and Economic Survey Here’s our new survey: The Inn Business Re-Open and Economic Recovery Survey The anonymity of I Love Inns surveys allows innkeepers to answer with more candid and valid answers. Be as honest as possible with your answers. This is of great value in the current situation and will help all […]

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Small Business Loans for Bed & Breakfasts – SBA Pays the First 6 Months, Rose Petal Ice Cream!

New SBA 7 Loan Adapted with 6 Months of No Payments. If you are struggling with a loan of $500,000 or more this loan newly adapted to the current economic stress allows for 6 months forbearance. SPECIAL NEWS FROM Small Business Administration As part of SBA’s debt relief efforts, If you refinance from a high-interest conventional/commercial/private/lease purchase […]

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Coming Soon! Your Own Freedom!!! Road Trip

Innkeepers Have Missed You So Much!! Everyday for the last six weeks we have been getting emails from innkeepers around the United States telling us how much they miss their guests. And yet they are busy, busy, busy! They are busy cleaning every nook and cranny, and setting up the latest new sanitizing procedures They […]

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