Explosion In USA Travel Predicted in Several Surveys, Best Housekeeping Award, Gratitude, Heart-Shaped Appetizers

Lakehouse at Ferry Point

They Think There Will Be An Explosion in Domestic Travel & Road Trips

4 Predictions

  1. Domestic travel and road trips will be the next big trend! This week a new survey of 14,000 done online with a list of airport customers was announced. The comprehensive data from this survey shows how eager the travel community is to support their local travel industry. 43% of respondents said they were interested in taking a road trip in 2020. They also indicated, at 63%, a willingness to drive up to 300 miles for a vacation. (AviationPros)
  2. Forbes Reports 58% are planning to travel between May and September 2020. This new survey suggests travel is alive and well. More than half of Americans
  3. 1 in 4 Americans Want to Travel Immediately After Covid-19 Restrictions Lift. That number goes up to half of Americans after 60 days. Ryan Barwick.
  4. Americans Feel Safer In Their Cars according to an ongoing survey taken by the U.S. Travel Association – and they’ll be traveling up to 300 miles



An Award Worth Striving For

Last summer the AAA announced a new award for cleanliness.

The Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping award recognizes AAA Inspected & Approved hotels that receive the highest possible cleanliness and condition scores.

And guess what? A lot of great American B&B Inns have already received this award.

Here’s One Winner – The Inn at Moosehead Lake

In a recent newsletter they shared: “We have always taken pride in our inn being exceptionally cleaned and maintained. Our efforts over the years have even been recognized by AAA Best in Housekeeping. We are honored to have received the Best Of Housekeeping 2020 award! This new designation recognizes hotels with exceptional practices.”


Innkepers of the month

4 Eloquent Innkeepers Interviewed by Radio Host

(You Can Set This Up in Your Area, Too)

A Radio host held a series of conversations on local businesses. Here’s what he said: Bed and breakfasts owners are working to adapt to the current situation, while also preparing for the months ahead. This hour, we talk with innkeepers in different parts of our area about how the pandemic has affected their businesses, and how they think the industry could change in the longer term.

4 Elegant Innkeepers Talk  You can ask a local broadcaster to include a segment like this, even suggesting fellow innkeepers.

Benefits of This Kind of Media

  1. People want to support local
  2. You get important media links
  3. Local and state residents want to know about your inn

These innkeepers were featured and worth listening to:

  • Richard Trayford, co-owner of Letchworth Farm Bed and Breakfast
  • Susan Alvarez, co-owner of the Edward Harris House Bed and Breakfast
  • Rosemary Janofsky, innkeeper and proprietor of the Ellwanger Estate
  • Robert St. John, innkeeper at Sutherland House Bed and Breakfast


Inns Announce Their New Health & Safety Protocols

Harry Packer Mansion

  1. Masks must be worn and social distancing must be practiced in common areas.
  2. Libations Lounge will be open but drinks may not be consumed in common areas.
  3. Breakfast will be delivered to your room and may not be consumed in common areas.
  4. The mansion and Libations Lounge will remain closed to the general public until Carbon County enters the green phase of the state’s reopening plan.

More: We are tracking the temperature daily of all staff, sanitizing, and cleaning surfaces multiple times per day, while limiting direct contact with other staff and guests.

All restaurant staff must wear a face mask at all times, except when cooking directly in front of an open heat source such as a grill or a range.

Gloves will be worn by the kitchen staff at all times and will be changed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health.

A distance of at least 6 feet will be maintained between staff in prep areas to ensure proper social distancing procedures.

We have closed half of our rooms for the month of May in order to minimize guest contact and allow for safer social distancing.

The Restaurant will have a maximum occupancy of 36 guests, while the lounge will be limited to 6 guests at a time.

But It’s Still Healthy – While this pandemic is causing us additional challenges, we believe that getting away to the country is a healthy and spirit-building time for each of you. We want to do our part to help you forget the challenges of the world and enjoy some much-deserved serenity. Re-opening strategies and how to test them in advance.

Cite the CDC, not private companies -This recommendation appeared in Hotel Marketing.

More than half (59 percent) of respondents rated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first among sources they will consult before traveling. In fact, they are 70 percent more likely to trust the CDC than the federal government (36 percent), which ranks fourth on the list of trusted sources, after state governments (49 percent) and other health organizations (37 percent). In turn, only 10 percent of respondents said they trust the safety guidelines of private businesses like hotels, restaurants and airlines.

More https://www.hotelmanagement.net/operate/pwc-3-ways-hoteliers-can-build-guest-confidenc


Stanford by the Sea Shows Gratitude for All their Supportive Guests

Stanford by the Sea Shows Gratitude for All their Supportive Guests

In a newsletter showing their edible gardens, Stanford by the Sea innkeepers wrote this: We are overflowing with gratitude. You have called and written, concerned with how we are faring. You have offered support, purchased gift certificates, organized family events, and planned meetings. Thank you! Your words and caring are deeply appreciated.

Our wonderful staff, not able to work, remain ready to go – patient and understanding


Big Ways to Keep Guests Connected & Updated

2 Big Ways to Keep Guests Connected & Updated

  1. Add a Pop Up Onto Your Website – Last week an innkeeper wrote that after getting their new Pop Up they changed it constantly – because things were changing daily in their state regarding re-opening.
  2. Make a Newsletter Plan – Show your heart and all the updated protocols you’ve developed – how you are handling occupancy, social distancing, how you are dealing with breakfast and other meals? And of course all the wonderful experiences and pampering they’ll receive. Specials and discounts, too.

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Heart-Shaped Appetizers

Show Your Return Guests Heart

with Heart-Shaped Appetizers

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