July 2020

Innkeeper Mixes Renters & Guests, Survival 401, Offering Office Space, Airbnb’s New Way of Going Public, 100 New Bon Appetit Breakfast Recipes

Guest Room Outdoors

No Guests?? Mix Year-Round Renters & Guests Survival 401- Innkeeper Shares His Strategy “I’ve now rented out 9 rooms year round to mostly single men (40-60 years of age).  Most have recently broken up in a relationship, fallen on tough times or are going through divorce. I charge $1000 – $1200 a month. They all […]

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7 Reasons You Need A Webmaster On Speed Dial

7 Reasons You Need A Webmaster

7 Ways A Webmaster Will Keep Your Business Humming 1) Update WordPress Plugins,versions of software and replace discontinued software and plugins. 2) Keep Up With Google – Constant updates seem to be mandated by Google. Think of what’s happened in the last 5 years (1) First sites needed to have at least a stand alone mobile application or they’d […]

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7 Totally Different Bed and Breakfast Websites for 7 Different Inns, They Love Their New Websites

What We Heard

Websites to Attract the Perfect Guest Do you want the dazzling, glorious parts of your inn to grab the perfect customer match for you? The guest who will come back again and again? We help you match your website design to what you have created at your inn – location, nature, architecture, and all your […]

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BookingSuite Is Dumping You- – It Will Be a Gift, New Websites Get Higher Conversions and More Guests

Replace Your BookingSuite Website Sooner Than Later - It Will Be So Much Better

Replace Your BookingSuite Website Sooner Than Later – It Will Be So Much Better You have busted your you-know-what to provide the beautiful space and awesome hospitality you offer. Now those of you who have BookingSuite websites have to deal with yet another Challenge – building a new website before BookingSuite’s November deadline when they […]

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Tripadvisor’s New Program, The Invisible Check In, Money Still Available from Paycheck Protection Program


Tripadvisor has a following. These folks trust TA to help with all their vacation needs. So Tripadvisor is rolling out the concept of “the considered trip.” CEO Steve Kaufer says this means they will “piece it all together: the hotel, the experiences, the dining, and the shopping.” How can you make sure your inn is […]

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