BookingSuite Is Dumping You- – It Will Be a Gift, New Websites Get Higher Conversions and More Guests

Replace Your BookingSuite Website Sooner Than Later - It Will Be So Much Better

Replace Your BookingSuite Website Sooner Than Later – It Will Be So Much Better

You have busted your you-know-what to provide the beautiful space and awesome hospitality you offer.

Now those of you who have BookingSuite websites have to deal with yet another Challenge – building a new website before BookingSuite’s November deadline when they will close down all the websites they have built.

We’ve noticed this surprising thing about some BookingSuite websites – there are no “real” title tags that help Google to find your inn.

Here’s what we have learned from innkeepers about website builders like BookingSuite :

“At BookingSuite you couldn’t’ get anyone on the phone, there was no one to talk to, the template was hard coded and couldn’t be changed.” 

“BookingSuite was a NIGHTMARE for us to work with.”

Building Website Was a Pleasure & Delight

on the other hand, here’s what we hear:

Innkeepers really DO NOT WANT THAT kind of company to work with again.

The Booking Suite Problem Can Turn Into a Gift –

You’ll have a deadline to finish up a brand new website. And your New WEBSITE WILL OUT PERFORM your old BookingSuite site!

And here’s how you will feel:

“Wow! I LOVE INNS! You and your team really are FANTASTIC and I am singing your praises to all my colleagues! “

:We shopped around all the major inn web developers and discovered your services are the most cost effective by far. And beautiful work!”

If you need a plan:

Help Me Create A Plan to Get a New Website Done By August, September or October


Affordable Websites for Boutique B&Bs & Inns

Affordable Websites for Boutique B&Bs & Inns

A brand new website will:

  1. Stand up to Google rankings
  2. Load Fast
  3. Capture more guests
  4. Build confidence for new guests, business travelers, brides, events

Bottom line – a new iLoveInns website improves sales. Every innkeeper we work with wishes they would have done this sooner!

Tell Me More About the Websites You Build


Your New Website Will Sing With These Must-Have Features

Your New Website Will Sing

With These Must-Have Features

1. A Fast Loading Website -This is most important because people won’t wait longer than 10 seconds. In addition, a search engine will give the faster pages the higher ranking even if that difference is a matter of milliseconds. Also helps with ADA Compliance because photos are optimized.

2. Web Page Title Tags That Get You Found – They need to be perfect.

3. Fabulous Photos -If you don’t have good photos now, we search for free state and regional tourism photos and integrate these into your site for the best effect. We switch out when you get new ones.

And of course – it will be ADA compliant and mobile friendly.

Our Mission with Websites is to remove technology road blocks that hold back some of America’s best innkeepers. Contact


Getting a New Website Makes a Tremendous Difference

Getting a New Website Makes a Tremendous Difference

Here’s what innkeepers say:

Great Experience Working With iLoveInns – “You folks have been great to work with. We recommend you to everyone.” NC Inn

Booking All the Time – “Thanks to our wonderful new website, we are booking all the time!!”

You Deserve a Medal, a Trophy – “Kudos galore, hugs, gobs of money, and my eternal gratitude (that last one you have already, for sure).” Innkeeper happy about finishing their new website.


Make Your Website a Masterful Marketing Tool to Increase Your Bookings

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