October 2020

Maine Innkeeper’s Art Gets Attention

Ogunquitfest taps directly into the creativity of local business owners and innkeepers: The Ogunquitfest Autumn Display / Scarecrow Contest! Teams at most of Ogunquit’s local businesses work to adorn their front yards and doorways with vivid fall imagery – and the inventiveness and ingenuity of these “scarecrow” creations is limited only by the imaginations of […]

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How To Easily Increase Your Direct Bookings, Blogging Gives You a 434% Higher Chance…

Fix Your Photos & Get More Direct Bookings A few hours spent improving your photos can yield many more bookings! Did you know that refreshing your photos can give you a Huge Bang for the Buck? – That’s because, these days – People make decisions by photos! (In addition to location, price, & reviews.) In interviews […]

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