April 2018

Websites That Will Inspire More Direct Bookings and Beat Competition From Big Hotels

Geneva on the Lake, NY

Who is Getting the Reservations That Could Come to You? “The average B&B website conversion rate (bookings divided by unique monthly visitors) is typically below 2%. For example, imagine 100 people visit your website – less than two will complete a booking. 98 will go with your competitors or with the OTAs. So that means […]

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2 Easy Tips to Increase Direct Bookings

Panorama Glass Lodge – Grabs Visitors with Photos Direct Booking vs OTA While OTAs are a boon to most inns, almost ALL inns and hotels want to increase their own direct bookings. Here’s one way to do it – increase your website conversion rate. “The average lodging website conversion rate (bookings divided by unique monthly […]

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4 Tips For Your Best Spring Road Trip

Spring Roadtrip

4 Tips for an Awesome ½ Price Road Trip A successful road trip will stay with you for life. Chose 2-3 locations that offer the Bogo Once you book, ask for the best places to eat/picnic/find cherry blossoms on the way Read Together – music is great for a roadtrip but don’t forget the joy […]

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Airbnb Tax Offer Rejected by Lancaster County, Make Book Direct Work

Hamilton Turner Inn

Keep Adding Fresh Color Every Month Bob Villa recommends – “Pack your garden with color year-round, purchase pots and fill them with flowers that have different bloom times. Place the pots with blossoming plants front and center in your garden. As the season progresses, move the pots around to make the most of the flowers, […]

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