Airbnb Tax Offer Rejected by Lancaster County, Make Book Direct Work


Keep Adding Fresh Color Every Month

Bob Villa recommends – “Pack your garden with color year-round, purchase pots and fill them with flowers that have different bloom times. Place the pots with blossoming plants front and center in your garden. As the season progresses, move the pots around to make the most of the flowers, and swap out pots when necessary.”

I once interviewed the master gardner of a very large 100-year old garden and he gave me a tip that forever relieved my guilt over gardening. “We simply rotate non-optimal plants – we move them out of sight and replacethem with spectacular ones. Then when the retired ones are looking good again we move them out front.”


Hamilton Turner Inn

Inspire Direct Bookings On Your Site 

We like the way Hamilton Turner Inn inspires decisions to book directly with the inn. if a traveler lands on this site while searching for a Savannah inn, they’ll remember this deal and come back to it. They might even stop looking further.

According to Vizergy, IF your website is not aesthetically pleasing, is not responsive, lacks trendy functionality, or makes it difficult for your guests to make a reservation, they will likely choose to stay somewhere else. Hamilton Turner Inn has these qualities.


Hillbrook Inn, WV

Hillbrook Inn, WV

Flower Power April and May Press Topics

1. Flower Power
Do you have gorgeous spring flowerr beds? Or something spectacular nearby. Email to be included in the nexxt i love inns mailing to guests.

I have beautiful flower beds, gardens

2. Mother’s Day
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Swiss Woods Inn, Werner & Debbie Mossiman

Lancaster County Innkeepers

Lancaster County Airbnb Tax Proposal

Called Hush Money


Lancaster County (PA) treasurer Amber Martin reported she was initially approached by Airbnb with a voluntary tax collection contract, and asked that it be kept confidential.

The county refused to sign the contract which stated, “hosts shall be relieved of any obligation to collect and remit hotel tax on taxable booking transactions.” It also said hosts “shall be permitted but not required to register individually with the Taxing Jurisdiction to collect, remit and/or report hotel tax.”

Hush Money?

Melissa Bova, VP of government affairs with the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, commented: “What these agreements from Airbnb say, I refer to it as ‘hush money.'” For more, including proposed PA House Bill 1810 to the PA House – Lancaster Online


Ice Cream A Schawbs in Memphis TN

Ice Cream A Schawbs in Memphis TN

Create an Ice Cream Trail

I’ve never actually been on an ice cream trail but i can see how fun it would be. My dad purchased 3 gallons of French vanilla ice cream every week after he retired. he served it to his friends and neighbors who would come by to watch Pittsburgh sports or just to chat. He only ate it himself at lunch and dinner. (He died at age 94 with lots of friends.) Here’s Buck’s County ice cream trail.


Goat Cheese & Cream Cheese

Spring Appetizer – Goat Cheese & Cream Cheese

Make up to 3 Days Ahead

This reminded me of a Mother’s Day / bridal shower appetizer – photogenic and delicate looking but believe me I would eat it anytime. Recipe here.  To see what innkeepers actually serve as appetizers, scroll more than 50 appetizers. We often mail these recipes to our traveler email list so be sure to send in your own creations.