May 2019

Travelocity Claims B&Bs Are Up Triple Digits, Instagram Revenue Boost, ADA Tax Credit, French Onion Quiche

Brafferton Inn, Gettysburg Traditional B&B Bookings Are Up Triple Digits This Summer – According to Travelocity* DALLAS — “Bed and breakfasts may seem like something of the past, but according to Travelocity, this old school accommodation is seeing a significant uptick this summer. New booking data from the travel site shows room nights at B&Bs have […]

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Tax Credit for ADA Website Compliance? He Thinks So!!

Website ADA Requirements Include Coding Photos, Color Contrasts, and More Can You Get a Tax Credit for the Work You Do On ADA Website Compliance?? The`SEO team at Paton Marketing thinks so!!! Here’s what they say: “How A Simple Website Update Can Earn You Money And Make Your Content More Accessible”. “There are huge incentives for […]

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