Tax Credit for ADA Website Compliance? He Thinks So!!


Website ADA Requirements Include Coding Photos, Color Contrasts, and More

Can You Get a Tax Credit for the Work You Do On ADA Website Compliance??

The`SEO team at Paton Marketing thinks so!!! Here’s what they say:

“How A Simple Website Update Can Earn You Money And Make Your Content More Accessible”.

“There are huge incentives for businesses that make their websites compliant with the guidelines established by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).”

The 2 main incentives to get your website ADA Compliant:

  1. Avoid expensive and predatory lawsuits.
  2. You can receive a generous tax credit for doing the right thing.

“The IRS’ Disabled Access Credit allows small businesses to qualify for a tax credit by making their websites ADA compliant.”

This is not tax deductible. It’s a tax credit.

Here’s the government’s Title 26, Internal Revenue Code,

Section 44 on Disabled Access Tax Credit

Paton went on to say, “With a few tweaks to a website, businesses can avoid lawsuits and do what is best for those with disabilities.”

PS. To Qualify for the tax credit – businesses must generate annual revenue of less than $1 million or employ less than 30 full-time employees. But as always, talk to your accountant, CPA, tax attorney, etc.

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What We Heard About ADA

Small Inn But Served With a Lawsuit  “My little Inn, and several hotels/motels in the area, have been served with lawsuits declaring that the websites are not ADA compliant.”

“Photo Tagging – that is a new Google/ADA requirement. Will you do that for us?” Lee, owner

Took Only A Few Days To Address the Issue   “I contacted Diane Ringler at I LOVE INNS and within just a few days our website pages and photos that required ADA fixes were completed…. the cost of the FIX is minimal.”

From Feb. Issue “I think the only responsible thing to do, and frankly the correct thing to do from a business perspective, is to incorporate website accessibility into the design of your website,” Raizman said.

“… companies should aim to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, the international best practice standard. The guidelines include providing a text alternative for non-text content, such as photos, and creating alternative ways for content to be communicated.”



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