Websites That Will Inspire More Direct Bookings and Beat Competition From Big Hotels

Geneva on the Lake, NY

Who is Getting the Reservations That Could Come to You?

“The average B&B website conversion rate (bookings divided by unique monthly visitors) is typically below 2%. For example, imagine 100 people visit your website – less than two will complete a booking. 98 will go with your competitors or with the OTAs. So that means 98% of your website visitors are not converting.” (


Get a New Website and Convince More Visitors That Your Inn is the Best Option

There is a great gap to be filled! But it can be improved if you can convince site visitors that booking on your website is the best option they have! And with all the knowledge available about inn websites that produce more bookings, now you can get the best design and features to increase your website conversion rate.

People want you to convince them that your inn is the very best they could experience.


But Here’s Where You Lose Your Guests

An older website (and many new sites) with these problems below will lose visitors.

  • Slow website loading,
  • Small photos
  • Bad title tags that leave money on the table,
  • A lack of several clear paths to booking


Geneva on the Lake, NY Wedding

For Instance, Here’s What an i Love Inns Wedding Page Could Look Like

More and more inns are maximizing their property value by offering weddings. To attract weddings, you have to use very specific wording in your title tages and show as many photos as possible – brides-to-be are known for intense searches for photos to inspire them.