2 Easy Tips to Increase Direct Bookings

Panorama Glass Lodge

Panorama Glass Lodge – Grabs Visitors with Photos

Direct Booking vs OTA

While OTAs are a boon to most inns, almost ALL inns and hotels want to increase their own direct bookings. Here’s one way to do it – increase your website conversion rate.

“The average lodging website conversion rate (bookings divided by unique monthly visitors) is typically below 2%. For example, imagine 100 people visit your website – less than two will complete a booking. 98 will go with your competitors or with the OTAs. So that means 98% of your website visitors are not converting.” (ehotelier.com)

There is a great gap to be filled! But it can be improved if you can convince site visitors that booking on your website is the best option they have!


2 Tips to Make Sure People Book on Your Website

1.  Improve Your Website & the Experience Visitors Have

  • If your website is older than 2 years it’s in need of a redesign – PhocusWire
  • Needs to be mobile-first responsive
  • Brain work – focus on What makes your inn diffeerent than another? Is there a room type or amenities that can only be found at your property? (Unique Value Proposition). Does your inn show chairs in the creek bed, hammocks? restaurants a block away? Highlight the unique with fab photos.

2.  Improve how you show up on OTAs – 1 out of 2 clients visits your website after seeing you on an OTA. Stay competitive on OTAs so people land on your website when a guest compares you on the OTAs, your inn should show in their selection so they come to your website. More here.


Cheshire Cat Uses the Direct Approach

On Top of Their Photo Slider

Cheshire Cat Inn

6 Inns/Hotels Show How They Convince Visitors to Book Direct on Their Websites


What Innkeepers Say

“I looked at a lot of websites and then I finally found something I really liked. It was absolutely beautiful! When I scrolled to the bottom and I saw that it was built by iLoveInns, I burst out laughing because I had already been talking to Diane at iLoveInns!

Over and over again we hear, “I love my new website!! If only I had done this earlier!!!”


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Start Fixing Your SiteStart Fixing Your Site

It’s Easier Than You Think


Easier Because You Already Have Content

It’s  easier than you think – because you already have most of the content you need. Some inns do a little at a time on their existting website. You can do that, too. With Diane and the IT people and designers at iloveinns working on your site, you’ll overcome inertia and have a great experience.

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