Innkeeper Mixes Renters & Guests, Survival 401, Offering Office Space, Airbnb’s New Way of Going Public, 100 New Bon Appetit Breakfast Recipes

Innkeeper Survival

No Guests??

Mix Year-Round Renters & Guests

Survival 401- Innkeeper Shares His Strategy

“I’ve now rented out 9 rooms year round to mostly single men (40-60 years of age).  Most have recently broken up in a relationship, fallen on tough times or are going through divorce. I charge $1000 – $1200 a month. They all have kitchen privileges and also help around the property!! (In exchange for a reduction in that month’s rent.).  I already have waiting list for rooms.”

Great for An 83 Year Old Innkeeper  – I don’t have to deal with housekeeping for them or serve breakfast so that has been a big savings. I’m down to one housekeeper.

I’ve kept three of my best rooms open for bed and breakfast.


What we heard this week

What We Heard Last Week

We launched 2 New Websites In the Last Few Days

Here’s what innkeepers said:

Reservations On The First Day of My New Website “Good Morning Diane. Wow! A new website really does get reservations!!! I just had two calls and on the first day of our new website! I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience.” Pennsylvania innkeeper

Reasonable Pricing “I love The Williamsburg Whitehouse website you made! Thank you for sending over the pricing. It seems to be reasonable.” Virginia innkeeper

Very Happy!  “I’m looking through the new website and I am very happy! Thank You and your team!” Dan, New Hampshire

I Want to Find Out More About Your Websites


Guest Room Outdoors

Guest Rooms Without Walls?

Does your inn stand out in a crowd? What can you offer that no one else offers? Have you considered offering a completely open air “room?” People are always looking for a new experience and now there’s a new hotel group doing just that. But consider a few things before jumping in:

  • What do you do when it rains?
  • How do you make a bed look fresh and inviting on a windy day?
  • Do you have a private little space on your property?


Office Space

Turn Your B&B into Temporary Office Space

People Are Getting Tired of Working From Home!

The cat jumps on your keyboard every time you try to write an email. Your teenager is streaming videos all day and crowding your Internet bandwidth. Your coffee maker decided this was the week to stop working. How are you supposed to get any work done?

Easy! Go to a local inn or bed and breakfast. No, not for the night (although you can do that if you want). Rent out a room for the day as your office. Boutique hotels like the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn are already doing this. Other hotels are sometimes completely selling out of their newly configured office rooms. It’s the perfect way to stay away from people and refresh the mind in a comfortable and effective working space.


Booking this fall

Yes, You Can Get Bookings This Autumn

Fall travel is still uncertain. These tips will show potential guests why they should take a trip this autumn and stay at your inn.

  • Give your package deals a refresh.
  • Make sure people know what activities and attractions are open in your area.
  • Use simple language to explain your health and safety measures.
  • Market! Market! Market using all available options.



Airbnb May Go Public, in a Novel Way

Airbnb executives have been open about the fact that they want to go public. The pandemic put a pause on that action until now. They have been approached by a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) which provides “a quick route to the stock market.” Chief executive Brian Chesky has said that this is only one of the multiple options they are considering.



Upgrade Your Breakfast With These Bon Appétit July, 2020 Breakfasts

Scroll through Bon Appetit’s July 2020 Recipes to find:

Eastern Carolina Biscuits

Sour Cherry & Bacon Pizza

Dark Chocolate Waffles

Their Best Lacy, Crunchy Hash Browns

and the Prettiest Potato & Prosciutto Hash I’ve seen.

Plus 95 More


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