7 Reasons You Need A Webmaster On Speed Dial

7 Reasons You Need A Webmaster

7 Ways A Webmaster Will Keep Your Business Humming

1) Update WordPress Plugins,versions of software and replace discontinued software and plugins.

2) Keep Up With Google – Constant updates seem to be mandated by Google. Think of what’s happened in the last 5 years (1) First sites needed to have at least a stand alone mobile application or they’d be penalized in Google searches THEN that was no longer acceptable and you needed your site to be responsive or you would be penalized. 2) All sites needed to update the protocol to HTTPS in order to be considered secure. 3) Everyone had to get their sites ADA Compliant or possibly be hit with lawsuits 4) Changes to SEO algorithms hit constantly. Things that were once acceptable were no longer acceptable.

3) BIG Tech Changes Such As Voice Activated Searches.…they are here AND they are gaining traction.

4) Daily Tech Problems – These challenges can pop up at any time: Here’s what we hear from innkeepers: My email isn’t working. I made a change and all my photos are gone. I think I was hacked. I changed reservation systems. I need a blog.

5) Weekly Situations – I need to add photos, make corrections, start promoting weddings, add a blog, add a popup, remove a room/add a room, change prices, remove breakfast service, update the site due to Covid, etc.

6) Keeping Links Correct – Area Restaurants Closed -Articles and links on your site no longer work. You’ve got to get those bad links off the site or suffer the wrath of Google AND annoy your visitors.

7) You are hacked.

Keep Your Webmaster On Speed Dial – If you aren’t a highly technical and proficient I.T. professional, you need a webmaster on speed dial.A maintenance contract can save you money and reduce website downtime and keep reservations coming in.

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My New Website Will Bring More Direct Bookings

Why A New Website Gives You More

Direct Bookings

Websites by iloveinns have the best of all worlds –

  1. Great SEO (search engine optimization
  2. Great Design

The saddest thing of all is when there is Great Design elements on a new website – but virtually no SEO – not even basic title tags. We see this constantly from graphic design graduates who of course don’t understand programming. This sabotages your business.

The other side – Great Seo is also sad because although the site is speedy, and mobile is working properly with all the SEO in place, the site is so awkward looking and out of date and industrial with ugly fonts and out of date colors, people doubt the comfort of the inn and are pushed away.

So you need both.

If it’s time for a new website hire a website team who will show you the best SEO & Design as recommended by Search Engine Watch. And if you have to replace BookingSuite (closing down all websites they’ve built) we’ll get it done fast and your New WEBSITE WILL OUT PERFORM your old BookingSuite site.

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