Hacked Bed & Breakfast Website & The 38 Steps to Fix It in Under 48 Hours

Hacked Bed & Breakfast Website & The 38 Steps to Fix It in Under 48 Hours

Last week an innkeeper called to tell us their site had been hacked. We handed it over to the development team for them to UN-Hack.  Here’s the team report back to us on what they had to do to Fix it.

P.S. It took under 48 hours to get it back to the innkeeper – all cleaned up and with a bow on top.


  • Checked the site, but it only redirects to a suspicious site
  • Try to access admin dashboard, but redirection persisted
  • Access cpanel and backup database and files
  • Remove malicious files
  • Manually update wordpress core files
  • Update plugins to its latest version
  • Disable cache
  • Update PHP
  • Run wordfence scan
  • Check sucure sitecheck and check for malwares
  • Remove unused themes and plugins
  • Update Divi theme, but error occurs
  • Revert to back theme and install default Twenty Twenty theme
  • Remove injected JS files:
  • Check homepage, redirect has been removed. Malwares is coming from child theme
  • Replace child theme, but the layout seems to be broken
  • Revert child theme, but upon troubleshooting site error appear
  • Check previous layout of the site on web archive
  • Get old child theme from old devsite
  • Check the site, site now is up and running and the layout is fixed
  • Reset permalinks
  • Re-add footer, but error occured
  • Reinstall fresh wordpress and create new database
  • Import database to the new database
  • Reinstall plugins and themes
  • Readd upload folder
  • Reset permalinks
  • Fix Recaptcha on footer form
  • Fix mixed contents
  • Revert the style of the banner section.
  • Fix the style of some elements.
  • Add and style the footer section properly.
  • Double-check style on each section.
  • Fix the issue on the currency converter.
  • Find a solution on how to display the currency converter.
  • Add the Currency converter widget.
  • Add the generated shortcode to the page.
  • Check the page if the changes applied correctly.

TOTAL HOURS CONSUMED: 6 hrs and 30 mins

If you need UN-Hacking contact ILoveInns – 949 292-6235