Take The Re-Open and Economic Recovery Survey, Skywalker Ranch B&B, Existing SBA Loans

Take This Re-Open and Economic Survey

Take This Re-Open and Economic Survey

Here’s our new survey: The Inn Business Re-Open and Economic Recovery Survey

The anonymity of I Love Inns surveys allows innkeepers to answer with more candid and valid answers. Be as honest as possible with your answers. This is of great value in the current situation and will help all of us think though the options for our own inspirations.

This survey is Confidential & Anonymous. Take Here



Why Now Is the Best Time to Work On a New Website

While things are quiet you have more time to initiate that long-needed new website. It’s easier to get started than you think – We’ve taken many, many innkeepers through the process over the years.

Now is the perfect time to hire a photographer!

  1. Most inns are empty making it faster for set ups
  2. It’s Flower Filled Spring
  3. Lawns are green
  4. Inns are clean
  5. You have time to cook eye-candy, photogenic dishes
  6. Most real estate photographers (and other photographers) Are Not Busy Now

Innkeeper Question & Our Answer

Question – “I can’t do my photos right now. Can you use what I have and add the new ones later?”

Answer “Yes! See this week’s special inspired by your requests.”

SPECIAL OFFER: Build your site now and for NO CHARGE we’ll use your current photos or other suitable stock photos as place holders till you can get the photos you need. We will replace every photo and optimize them and add the alt tags. In the meantime your existing photos will also be optimized.

Contact the I Love Inns staff at 949 481-7276 – (If no one picks up, we are Zooming – just leave a message or email DRingler@iLoveInns.com

Tell Me About a New Website



My Visit to Skywalker Ranch’s Bed & Breakfast

I forgot about George Lucas Skywalker Ranch Bed & Breakfast until yesterday when I noticed the article below:

Years ago I was called to consult with the innkeeper of George Lucus’ new bed and breakfast. It turned out to be a fine experience seeing the exceptionally conceived and beautifully crafted inn. There were vineyards and studios and the inn’s own professional fire department.

The big surprise to me was that it was only for writers – movie makers to be specific. Recently, it seems that now it is more of a retreat for those constructing the sound for their films.

“Lucas never intended to build Skywalker Ranch to live in, and nor was the road it was built on, Lucas Valley Road, named after Lucas at all either. Instead, the 4,700 acres Lucas purchased in 1978, houses Skywalker Sound, a place, or as some call a retreat, where filmmakers can come and stay to work on their films sound with state-of-the-art technology. Skywalker Sound is a division of Lucas’ film production company Lucasfilm, which he sold along with Star Wars for 4 billion.” Good I went when I did. More



Fill the New Trend for Canceled Weddings – Elopement

Explosion in Elopements

Here’s an example of a wedding photographer and innkeeper who found a new way to fill a need and changed their business model.

Lori Loree launched Shotgun Wedding about a month ago. She’s offering a safe way to tie the knot during the global pandemic.

“I knew that I couldn’t be photographing eight- to 10-hour weddings like I’ve been doing, so I knew that in order for my small business to survive I had to make a change and it’s been an absolute explosion . . . It’s incredible,” she said.

The One Hour, $1100 Elopement Package – Loree is offering a one-hour package that includes an officiant and photography by her for $1,100. A maximum of 15 people can be present and social distancing measures are a priority.

“It’s just enough to be legally married, but to have something really beautiful and symbolic and be able to enjoy your surroundings in the midst of all this chaos . . . gives them a beautiful way to celebrate,” she said.

Or if you are not a wedding photographer offer the $400 Version

The Local Flower Farm Two-Hour $400 Elopement Package. “Our packages just allow people to get married,” Kristen Primrose, the owner of Primrose Lane Farm reports. From July 21 to the September long weekend, Primrose is offering a two-hour elopement package for $400, which includes a bouquet and boutonniere from her garden and full access to the property.” Tom Salisbury, SBA More



Milleridge Inn

Do You Have An Existing SBA Loan? There’s Debt Relief

While our nation’s focus is on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offered thought the U.S. Small Business Administration through lenders across the nation, one element of the CARES Act which has been helping many small businesses hasn’t been discussed much.

Debt Relief for Current SBA- Backed Loan Holders – If you already hold an SBA’s 7(a), 504 or Microloan loan programs you can receive immediate relief from their payments. Under it, the SBA will cover all loan payments on these SBA loans, including principal, interest, and fees, for six months. This relief will also be available to new borrowers who take out loans other than those provided for in the CARES Act.

Small businesses should contact their lenders about the payment relief program if they haven’t done so already. Raj Vakharia CHO Cell:404-538-3977