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Should You Tell Guests What to Pack & Wear?

Visit Napa Valley

Should You Tell Guests What to Pack & Wear?

Visit Napa Does. Although it seemed frivolous at first, when I read through the newsletter it made sense – such as not wearing perfume when wine tasting. And temps can change and overall such a list is kind of handy.

Additionally, it gives road trippers a way to envision themselves ever more clearly in the vacation location.

Try your own version of this list:

Year-Round Napa Valley Fashion and Packing Tips

  • Safety first! Don’t forget your face mask and hand sanitizer.
  • Layer, layer, layer – since the temperature varies throughout the day…
  • Spring/summer – sundress with a cardigan and sandals.
  • Fall/winter – scarf, denim, sweater and boots.
  • Denim is acceptable year-round; in a more upscale setting, opt for dark denim.
  • Always bring a light jacket for the nighttime breeze from the bay.
  • Flats or wedges – when visiting wineries, there is often a lot of walking around outdoors on unpaved surfaces, be safe wear low wedges or flats.
  • Carry a light cross body purse with essentials (ID, cash, cards, small brush, lip gloss, phone – leave the rest in the car). If you are at an outdoor wine tasting, there likely won’t be hooks for your purse and you don’t want to put this season’s it-bag on the ground or in a wine puddle!
  • If you want to dress like a local vintner, bring a vest. If you don’t have one, not to worry – it’s a popular item that many wineries sell.
  • Don’t wear perfumes … it can affect your ability to fully enjoy the flavors of the wine…& the tasting experience of others…More


Airbnb's Hidden Fees

Airbnb’s Hidden Fees

Watch Out for Extra Fees!

Here’s a list of fees to watch out for in addition to the nightly rate decided on by the host

  1. Cleaning fee: Not all hosts charge a cleaning fee but most do to cover the cost of cleaning their space. It’s a one-time fee that is decided on by the host. If they do indeed charge a cleaning fee, it will be listed under the “Prices” section.
  2. Extra guest fees: This is an optional additional fee per night, per extra person above a certain number of guests. This fee is set by the host.
  3. Airbnb service fee: Airbnb charges a guest service fee for all reservations. This fee ranges from 5% to 15% of the reservation subtotal.
  4. Local taxes: This is charged based on the location of the host’s listing. Some hosts include this tax in the price of the reservation, but some may require the tax to be paid upon check-in. If this tax is applicable to your reservation it should be listed in the description. More https://www.dreamystays.com/airbnb-tips/

Don’t forget the added value items you give when pointing out your unique benefits compared to Airbnbs.


Make Guests Feel Secure

For Friends Inn is adding the exact right message to the newsletters they send to former guests and prospective guests.

“You’ll be safe here” – that’s the message. In addition when you are on the inn’s home page you’ll see a 12 point “Avoid Covid Plan” they’ve developed for their property.


4 Things That Could Be Sending Guests to Your Competitors But Can Be FIXED

  1. An old, beat up hosting company Some hosting companies are using outdated servers and 10-year-old software. (We were shocked to discover one popular B&B hosting company using an old version of PHP which had been discontinued 6 years ago. These things slow down your website which hands guests over to other inns.
  2. A Site That Is Not Responsive – sometimes called the worst website mistake
  3. 404 Pages – these are silent traffic killers!
  4. Websites that are slow (more than 4 seconds) — Neil Patel (web guru)

These things can be Fixed!! For quotes on Fixes or newly designed websites contact Diane@iLoveInns.com or call 800-397-4667

Our iloveinns design team can help you uncover what part of your website is hurting your business the most and fix the problem.

Tell Me Why Other Inns Are Taking Guests I Could Have


Herrman Hill Inn

Photo – Herman Hill Inn

The One-Minute Omelet Video

From Stockade B&B

How to Make An Omelet in One Minute (First use a10-inch skillet)

Howard Helmer, World’s Fastest Omelet Maker, is a chef who is an advocate of cooking eggs. He currently holds the Guinness world record for the fastest omelet cooker, having made 427 omelets in 30 minutes. One of our staff, who formerly managed a B&B in Louisiana, had the pleasure of welcoming Howard Helmer for a stay in the B&B and was able to participate in a omelet demonstration he gave in the town. Now you can learn to make an omelet in one minute, as well. Click here for the video.

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