#1 New Spectacular Website – Farmhouse Catskills, 2 More B&B Websites for Inspiration, 1 Million-Dollar Renovation

Farmhouse Catskills

Website of the Month

I vote this the website design of the month for August – Farmhouse Catskills

This unique design is definitely one of a kind. The best part is that the site visitor immediately sees Everything with just one simple glance at the home page.

How Did They Do It?

The designer and innkeepers identified the main experiences available on the property and nearby. Then a top middle slider was created and alongside it a really large Book Now button – the largest I’ve ever seen.

Then they created 17 separate blocks of photos and drawings labeled with the experiences available and made them into sliders, including a descriptive slider.

Here’s something similar we did with For Friends Inn on their Things to Do Page. (Also check out the gallery with the innkeepers continuously added photos.)

5 Things to Love About the Farmhouse Catskills Website

  1. The Book Now button is as large an image as any of the home page photos and the booking system is easy to use. Try it here –
  2. Sliders on all the experiences help you learn more without going off the home page
  3. The site loads really really fast, in spite of the plethora of photos. Try it with your internet to check the Farmhouse website speed here.
  4. 17 Photos on the home page!!
  5. And they are all sliders!!

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Portland’s White House Inn Screen Shot

What a $1 Million Dollar Renovation Can Get You

We long enjoyed the original Portland White House Inn so today when we read a press release on their million-dollar renovation, we were excited to see what they did. And we figured they would also spend well on their website.

We were right. Here’s a look

They include a small gallery below the fold on the home page so you can see a lot with one scroll. Long scrolling home pages are definitely a thing.


How Many “Book Now” Buttons

Can You Fit on One Page?

Are you kidding me? This inn website features a scrolling Book Now pop upAND a Book Now button where you expect it to be.

Then, there are 9 Book Now buttons on the home page for different experiences available at the inn. In addition I noticed Purchase Now 2-3 times. All with buttons that lead to bookings.

In addition, there’s another page with an amazing array of experiences that say “Book Now” – 33 Book Nows – mostly packages and specials. https://secure.lyrath.com/bookingEngine/hotel/leh/search/list

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