2 Best-of-Class Bed & Breakfast Inns Create Newsletters That Work

Inn at Playa Del Rey – L.A. area inn gets results with newsletters sent each month for many years.

2 Best-of-Class Inns Create Newsletters That Work

Inns are keeping guests close with regular newsletters filled with fun events, good restaurants and amazing experiences.

  1. One of my favorites is Susan Zola’s of The Inn at Playa Del Rey. In an interview, R reported, “Sending newsletters contributes significantly to our guest satisfaction because it enriches the guest experiences they are inspired to try. “And people mention they booked again because they wanted to do something or try something mentioned in our newsletter
  2. Camilla Inn: Located in the middle of the Napa-Sonoma wine region, they are never without events to cover, but they also invent their own specials such as Slider Sundays– appetizers.

Newsletter Services Newsletter are custom designed for each inn and can look any way you want but here are 3 examples for starters.

Newsletter Examples

7 Things All Email Newsletter Clients Get

  1. Best practices for Gmail, Yahoo, Aol etc.
  2. Responsive template optimised for smartphones & desktop
  3. Your list carefully managed and protected
  4. Tracking & Reporting
  5. Photos optimised for fast loading
  6. Content & images that connect with your guests to feel like a giant welcome
  7. Free postings of the newsletter to Facebook and Twitter

Optional Re-Sends – A great service we also provide: RESENDS of your newsletter to all those that didn’t open the first email. This GREATLY increases the number of people you reach and costs a fraction of the price of the first send.

Contact Deborah@iLoveInns.com or Diane@iLoveInns.com or Jonathan@iLoveInns.com for more information.


B&B Associations Grow Members With Newsletters

Newsletters from your State Association give the most powerful benefit to your members – they deliver guests. Sending association newsletters and let the world know your association is the best and first place to come for authentic travel experiences in your state

2 Ways Newsletters Help Your Association the Most
Newsletters take advantage of the association’s’ website visitors with all the authenticity of a State Association State associations capture travelers who live and travel in their state.. More Information

Colorado  Kentucky

Newsletters Cultivate the Best Guests

Start Your Custom-Designed Newsletters Now to Inspire Bookings and Get:

Free design to look and feel like your website

One bonus newsletter

Posting of your newsletter to your inn’s Facebook each month

Your emails are scanned and cleaned for duplicates and secured


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