20,000 Airbnbs in Breach, The 3 Most Powerful Book Direct Perks, Heart-Shaped Cuisine

The 3 Most Powerful, Cheapest Perks That OTAs Cannot Offer

These 3 book-direct tactics below are said to be the ones that carry the most weight in persuading guests to book directly and not leave your website to go back to the OTA they came from.

1. Room upgrades

2. Late checkout

3. Experiences on your property – (complimentary and for $)

Experiences are what they can only get from YOU not the OTAs.

Here are 2 unique experiences you pretty much won’t gett anywhere else:


example: https://icelandichorses.com/services/

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Hamilton Turner Inn pushes the envelope in preventing site abandonment and encouraging Book Direct

Book Direct strategies such as the 2 pop ups below can

1. Prevent customers from switching / defecting to other properties

2. Help them remember you – even if they don’t book Now

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Dutch court forces Amsterdam Airbnb hosts to seek permits

The Netherlands’ highest court declared that in opposition to city policy, Airbnb hosts will need to seek operating permits. This is in line with national housing law, of which the city’s 20,000 hosts were alleged to have been in breach.

In addition to the ruling, the court tripled the fine for not holding a permit from €6,000 to €20,500. Airbnb was suspended from the city’s economic board for the foreseeable future because of a failure to comply with a limit on rental days.

Airbnb responded that the ruling was “confusing,” according to The Telegraph, and that housing laws were still unset. The company is facing challenges across the world, most recently in France and in Scotland



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Romantic Appetizers

  1. Shape bacon into hearts before baking, and they’ll hold their form from oven to plate.
  2. One glance and you’ll figure out heart-shaped eggs, heart-shaped appetizers and 1001 other heart-shaped foods to surprise and delight your customers. Check here