$2500 Micro Weddings, Snow Ice Cream

Vaccine News Is Firing Up the Pent-Up Demand for Travel 

Vaccine News Is Firing Up the Pent-Up Demand for Travel 

Travel Weekly reported polling travel agents to find that the vaccine news is fueling a new enthusiasm for travel.

“Within an hour of Pfizer announcing their vaccine, we started getting calls,” said Helen Papa, owner of TBH Travel in Dix Hills, N.Y. “Within an hour. It was amazing.”

“I don’t think it will surprise anybody that when the news is scary, people tend to go back into their cocoons,” Fain said. “As the news gets to be more positive they come out.:

What’s encouraging is how quickly the response happens. More

Americans Eager to Travel in 2021 — Today Hotel Marketing reports that 51% plan to travel for a vacation or business trip next year, – this according to new YouGov data. Even better – 59% of 30-44 year-olds are ready to make travel plans.

This is a great reason to tap into activities that appeal to that age group as well as firing up your newsletters and social media.


#1 . Denver Gets Tough On Airbnb – $1,000 A Day Fines

After three fruitless years of negotiating with Airbnb — and with no end in sight — Denver officials will now fine short-term rental companies $1,000 for each illegal short-term rental transaction PER DAY, the City Council determined Monday last week. “

The Denver Post reports that city officials tried working things out but finally set this fine in place – More

#2. TripAdvisor Points to 2 Trends

In a Covid Whitepaper today, Trip Advisor highlights 2 Trends

  1. The shift from international to domestic trip planning is a significant change in traveler behavior Tripadvisor has noted in its site traffic data.
  2. Away from Cities to Nature There has also been a noticeable dispersal of travel and tourism away from urban centers to less populated nature destinations.

Looking at year-on-year data over the October period, ski and seaside resorts, as well as other rural destinations, dominate the list of fastest recovering destinations in Europe based on domestic accommodation searches on Tripadvisor. More

#3. Micro Weddings for $2,500

This Tiny Wedding story by Fodor’s starts with a farm that does several weddings a day. Couples only pay $2,500. They enjoy economies of scale such as flowers and having lighting pre set. (The real proof of a fine wedding – the PHOTO to prove it.) And best of all, people book the weddings on line.

15 Weddings in 3 Days Each Season –

“Cornman Farms hosts up to 15 micro weddings for a maximum of 10 guests, which includes the ceremony, venue rental, sparkling wine toast, bouquet, photography, and wedding cake for less than $2,500.” More ideas here.


When Life Gives You Midwest Snow

When Life Gives You Midwest Snow

Make My Mother’s Snow Ice Cream

Want to reward yourself and your guests for driving in the snow?? Try this 2 ingredient (plus the snow) recipe for Snow Ice Cream.

If you don’t live in the Midwest and it’s not snowing today, you’ll have to wait. But it is so much fun to gather fresh new snow for the kitchen.

This snow recipe is not exactly like my mother made in Ohio, BUT it’s definitely easier and still provides a lot of old-fashioned fun for the price of snow.


  • 8-12 cups of fresh, white, new-fallen snow
  • Can of sweetened condensed milk (10 ounces)
  • 1 tsp vanilla

And there’s a video! so you can’t go wrong.

For the old fashioned recipe my mom Angie used – http://www.icecreamcraft.com/recipe/snow-ice-cream-recipe/