3 Ways to Get Fabulous Photos at a Fraction of the Cost


Pay $250 Instead of $1,500 for Photos

1. The number one way to get great photos that will fit your budget is to hire a good local real estate photographer – review their work online and at real estate agent offices, open houses, circulars. Especially look at the photos displayed by top-selling agents – in general they will have expended great effort to train their photographers to bring out the best in the houses they list. it will be easier to locate quality photographers in high demand areas. Daily photo rates should be $250-$350 (instead of $1,500 per day with the requirement of two days) and you can make additional arrangements for on-call situations such as a gorgeous blue-sky day, magical snowfall, double rainbows over the inn*, peak autumn leaves or spring blossoms.

2. Brainstorm your photo list year-round to come up with amazing shots that will get you more reservations on Trip Advisor, through your inn’s Website, Google and on directories. Note: You’ll also get more media coverage because travel writers will choose one inn over another when they find striking, compelling photos that will make their writing sizzle.

3. Be ready to take your own photos too – * Double rainbows will probably require you and staff or even guests to get in on the excitement – rush out of the inn with your phone cameras!

PS. Be sure to negotiate with your new photographer that you will own the copyright on the photos.

Give Your Inn a New 2016 Website – Request Our Check List

Looking at an iLoveInns website checklist the other day blew me away. There are dozens of items to be created, re-directed, resized, compressed,  and coded. If you’d like a copy write Diane@iloveinns.com and in the subject line write Website Checklist.

In working with clients over the years, sometimes innkeepers need to prime the pump so they know what they want. Here are some thoughts to get you started – http://www.riversideinnbb.com/

Pros: Clear path to understand how to make a reservation. Rooms and rates are spelled out, somewhat elegant background, layered dimensional design is nice even though the “flat look” is in, Plan Your Stay tab is proactive and inviting, the booking clicks go to responsive Res Nexus – one of the few booking engines easy to book from a smart phone. Excellent photos that make you want to stay.

Cons: Site is not responsive and can’t easily be seen from smart phones, doesn’t adjust to today’s devices, search box is a distraction. Needs an update over all.

Now you’ll have a start on what you want to represent your unique inn. Or just get it over with and contact Diane@iLoveInns.com.

jpeg-17Irish B&Bs Warned They Will Disappear Because of Airbnb

While I don’t necessarily believe all those Irish B&Bs will be demolished by Airbnb, consultant Hugh Wallace asserts it’s true in an interview with the Irish Times.

“There is something like 580 (B&Bs in Northern Ireland) which is quite extraordinary. It is completely disproportionate….Their business is going to disappear overnight because of Airbnb and I don’t think the industry has grasped the implications of that.


Hash Brown Quiche (Gluten Free)

Recipe Provided By:
Lake George Boathouse B&B
Lake George, NY

2 c frozen shredded hash brown potatoes, thawed
1 c half and half or whole milk
4 eggs
1/4 teas pepper
1 c cubed cooked ham
1/4 c red onion
1/4 c bell pepper
1 c shredded cheddar cheese

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NEWSLETTERS – What’s Remarkable About Getting 10 Nights of Reservations with One Email Newsletter?

The inn had only 900 guest emails!

Best of all, this happens every month for this inn. This particular inn boasts excellent photos as well as a great location. If you’d like to get started, make this year the year you launch a newsletter to your guests. We’d like to help make it happen.
Contact Diane@iLoveInns.com

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