4 Brand New Bed & Breakfast Websites Are Making a Big Difference

1709 Delaware Inn Sports Fun & Historic Vibes That Really Pop

Note the 4 Inn Websites featured in this blog – all are very different and unique.

Note The Lily Inn featured above. The slider reinforces the inn’s name – there’s no confusion as to where you are. The words The Lily Inn is repeated on each slider photo.

The photos reverence the inn’s deep history while allowing the vibrant energy of the restored gem to shine through.

Other great features of this brand new website include 3 ways to book all above the fold, the variety of images that show the inn’s location on the water and a historic street, a beautiful gallery.

Here’s what the innkeeper said: “Thank you, Diane, and your team. It’s exactly what I wanted! Looks great, professional, easy to navigate, and will be a big help to my business. Thanks again!”  Gene, owner

I want a great historic vibe for my new website, too


ADK Trail Wilderness Inn

There’s no mistake about the authentic Adirondack Experience portrayed by the ADK Trail Inn with their week-old website.

But best of all were the 4 Direct Bookings that showed up the first morning the new site went live.

  1. Little Inn With the Big Heart – In the popular Adirondack region, this shows how they truly stand out.
  2. Also note the 3 Ways for Direct Booking above the fold.
  3. Note the email collector – 10 Quirky Adirondack Adventures Free Guide above the fold.
  4. Fused slider with brush strokes makes you feel you are right there in nature
  5. 3 Sliders On the page – moving you directly into the experience

Compare Lavender Inn with ADK Trail Inn with Canyon Villa. They are all unique and wonderfully different and the websites we created WITH them express that.

I Need a New Website for My Nature Rich Inn


Historic Lavender Inn

Lavender Inn Boasts A Sticky Website

What is a “Sticky Website”?

It’s Words and Pictures and Beautiful Custom Design that KEEP VISITORS ON THE WEBSITE. So they book.

That’s what Lavender Inn created with our team at iLoveInns. They hit a strong emotional note that actually fastens the memory of your website. Guest recall your inn compared to others websites.

Note the color palate – as you would expect the color Lavender shows up. But the design was created with an experienced, light hand. The colors don’t overwhelm but are inviting. Also, the white space is generous and enhances the signature Lavender color.

The whole website becomes a compelling guest experience in itself.

Note the words and pictures on the Foodie Page

Talk to Me About Making My Website Sticky


Olde Rhinebeck – A True Reflection of the Innkeeper and the Unique Inn

Olde Rhinebeck’s New Website – A True Reflection of the Innkeeper and the Unique Inn

Features include:

  1. The “Reserve Room” Pig button is a replica of art found in one of the rooms. The Reserve Now Pig button carries through on almost every page and sometimes is seen as Book Now instead of Reserve Now.
  2. The color palate conveys the treasured historic aspect of the inn
  3. The playful font projects pure fun and adventure..
  4. The handmade feather logo is a duplicate of a pen found at the inn.

After working with Jonna, Diane, our ringleader, was heard to say, “Jonna took on an active, creative involvement in developing the site. The Olde Rhinebeck B&B website is all Jonna! It is a true reflection of the owner.”

Talk to Me About A Website That Will Rock Our Uniqueness


What We Heard

Collaborating Yields Success – “Thank you for everything, I really mean it. The investment we made with your company is a GREAT partnership. Sales continue to gain traction from our website that we collaborated together on to be a success. Cheers to you, Diane!” William, owner, Canyon Villa

Great Experience Working With iLoveInns – “You folks have been great to work with. We recommend you to everyone.” NC Inn preparing to sell

Revamp My Website Please – “You really know what you are doing. That’s why I want you to revamp my website. I want you to add pop-ups, photos, and create a better Things to Do page. Also I’ve got some other sections that need redesigning.”

I Love Our New Website So Much!! – “ I will confess that I was afraid to tackle this because I liked our old website, but this one is even better! Specifically, I LOVE the Adirondack shaped opt-in tab – oh my!! And the background color and mountains are perfect now. Thank you to you and your team for making this happen!!!”


Start Now – Finish Sooner

(Lavender Inn Cooking Class Above)

Now – Right in the Middle of Summer is the time to start your new website!


Because while you are doing summer – we’ll get the back end of your new site coded. That means our programmers and developers will be creating the structure to maximize for speed, ADA compatibility, mobile and SEO. It will be ready for your attention when your high season is over.

It could even be finished before summer.

Get started now. Like all inns with masterfully created websites – you will

  1. Keep guests on your site longer
  2. Convert more visitors to guests
  3. Make Google happy & your page position higher with your site’s fast loading speed, ADA compliance and well optimized meta tags and SEO

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