5 Interesting Bed & Breakfast Website Design – Learn By Seeing

They Won a Travel Channel Hotel Impossible contest but didn’t get a thumbs up from our website design team.


  This a clean design although dated and compartmentalized too much. it is well maintained on calendar events. There are some severe issues however, with navigation – for example if you are using  Chrome as your browser, home page shows rooms, packages and reservations tabs but the rooms and rates tab does not have a link.

When you do get to the rooms page, it is completely lacking in call to action – (“Ok i’m here what do I do next, kind of leaving the guest hanging, because there’s nothing clickable.) The thumbnail photos of room do not inspire either. In a situation like this they would probably get more reservations if they let the room and rate page go directly to their booking engine especially because they are using Res Nexus. At least the guest will know what to do next and see rooms -This can partially make up for deficiencis on the site.

Overall, the site does not feel robust, just ho-hum, mainly because its all thumbnail sized photos and this doesn’t give you a sense of compelling emotion such as. Guests have to go to other local activities sites to get enough sensory input to help them make a reservation decision. There is a tech glitch on directions page.

Classic New England Holds Its Own



Lots of good eye candy on this site with an appealing beginning. Once you start going into the details though, it feels awkward as if they’ve forced the inn business into a template they chose. It doesn’t feel natural to the trained eye looking many places for a reservation. However, it’s serviceable and 100 x better than a lot of other sites out there. The side bar is a problem with way too much to pick from including trip advisor and Stash tea making that part confusing.

Beautiful Minnesota Bed & Breakfast Offers Guests A Lot



There’s an appealing background, in spite of it being an older design that is probably due for an update. the images are crammed into smaller spaces and if updated, you could FEEL the full force of the images. With todays band width and usage you could get maximum value for your images.

The navigation is good, title tags are good although more geography/location could be put into their room title tags. Over all it’s probably still working well although they don’t have a booking engine, just a request form – which is a disadvantage because you can’t see a calendar and wont know if you’ll be able to get the time you want.

Ohio at Its Best With This Scottish Luxury



Overall design is pleasant although the pop-up follows you everywhere even if you tell it to go away. This just needs some cookie programming so that once you dismiss the pop up it doesn’t pop up again and you, the guest aren’t annoyed. This can be easily fixed, just the wrong code. The blog is well  maintained. The sidebar goes on forever, an older template.

What To Do If You Buy or Sell An Inn – The Old Website With All Its Good Links Needs a 301


http://www.oliviamansion.com/   This inn was recently purchased and renamed by the new owners. It looks like the old site somehow was not included in the purchase. By not doing a 301 to the new site, they lost all the link juice that was accumulated over the years. It would have all come to them. They are missing out on this traffic.

Otherwise it’s what you should expect from a new design, with all the features of a modern template. The information is in good places, it’s minimalist but you can get the info you need without getting frustrated.

Somehow, they did not take the time to use an SEO tool available that’s in wordpress. They can go back in and fix this issue.  No title tags with location so they won’t show up as much as they could on search engines. We would suggest “Romantic Getaway from San Antonio” as one idea since they are 42 miles from S.A.