5 Mistakes Killing Your Bed & Breakfast Website

5 Mistakes Killing Your Website

  1. Installing Plugins – Plugins are something that should be carefully considered. The more plugins, the slower your website will load. Analyze them prior to installation AND remove any unnecessary plugins.
  2. Not Backing Up – It is critical to backup a site otherwise you risk losing everything! Crashes, security breaches and hackers! Backup on a regular schedule as every time the site is updated.
  3. Ignoring Updates – WordPress regularly releases new versions with updates and problem fixes. Security holes are usually the reason. By ignoring updates, you are exposing your site to unnecessary hacking concerns.
  4. Using Non-optimized Images – Optimize each photo prior to uploading so your site loads quickly. Photos that aren’t optimized should be taken off your site.
  5. New Issue – Photos you don’t own. This week some inns reported receiving threats of lawsuits because of unlicensed photos on their sites and blogs. One innkeeper removed all the photos in her blog because of the threat. (See What We Heardat end of this email.)

Bonus Tip #6

Forgetting Google Analytics – Jetpack – Many people use this for analytics on their site. However, it does not provide all of the data that Google Analytics does. The insights into visitor behavior provide a great deal of value for marketing and content creators. Take the time to always install Google Analytics right after WordPress is installed.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these 5 Common Mistakes Killing your Website are all easily correctable. You can make these problems go away or if you don’t have the time the iloveinns team can handle it.


Website Solutions

We are fearless about taking on challenges! Collaboration is at our core – listening and then acting on your needs.

Our team of experts is ready with the knowledge and experience you need to get the job done on any fixes your need.

Also, Note The New Websites by i Love Inns:

Compare Lavender Inn with ADK Trail Inn with Canyon Villa. And there’s The Lily Inn and Olde Rhinebeck for starters.

(Ask Diane to see more – Diane@iloveinns.com.).





When You Have A Lot to Offer

Do This

Lavender Inn recently launched their new website with i Love Inns and sent us this note:

“Updating a website can be challenging with all the new photos, content, new layout, and back end info. This process with Diane & her team at iLoveInns was seamless on all aspects! 

She was amazing because she could see my vision and had a ‘can-do’ approach with my design. She was always on top of it with clear communication and quick responses. I definitely recommend Diane and her team for creating a new website.”  Warmly, Kathy (Owner, Lavender Inn)

The Lavender Inn’s new site grabs the heart and soul.

It actually fastens the memory of the inn and website in visitors minds. And with good design, photos, and words, the whole website becomes a compelling guest experience in itself.

Note the words and pictures and design on the Foodie Page

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Olde Rhinebeck – A True Reflection of the Innkeeper and the Unique Inn

Olde Rhinebeck’s New Website –

Features include:

  1. The “Reserve Room” Pig button is a replica of art found in one of the rooms. The Reserve Now Pig button carries through on almost every page and sometimes is seen as Book Now instead of Reserve Now.
  2. The color palate conveys the treasured historic aspect of the inn but glows with with aliveness.
  3. The playful font projects pure fun and adventure..
  4. The handmade feather logo is a duplicate of a pen found at the inn.

After working with Jonna, Diane, our ringleader, was heard to say, “Jonna took on an active, creative involvement in developing the site. The Olde Rhinebeck B&B website is all Jonna! It is a true reflection of the owner.”

 Talk to Me About A Website That Will Rock Our Uniqueness


What We Heard

“We had a blog post with an image directly from an article about us and got a letter from an attorney.”

“We’ve received threatening letters on infringement use of a photo I pulled off the net. I contacted my attorney and insurance agent. We are refusing to pay the $5000 demand and have said “take me to court”. My attorney thinks it will go away. I went through my entire site and removed all images except those I took myself.”

“Thank you, Diane, and your team. The new website is exactly what I wanted! Looks great, professional, easy to navigate, and will be a big help to my business.” Gene

“As always thanks to YOU, you always make it right. God bless you and have a great day.” 🙏  Robin (About fixes needed.)

“I am retiring and closing the inn after 22 years. I want you to know you do a tremendous and professional job. This compliment is 22 years in the making. Thank you.” Jim Osterfoss, Nagel Warren Mansion


Start Now – Finish Sooner

Lavender Inn Above

Now – Right in the Middle of Summer is the time to start your new website!


Because while you are doing summer – we’ll get the back end of your new site coded. That means our programmers and developers will be creating the structure to maximize for speed, ADA compatibility, mobile and SEO. It will be ready for your attention when your high season is over.

It could even be finished before summer.

Get started now. Like all inns with masterfully created websites – you will

  1. Keep guests on your site longer
  2. Convert more visitors to guests
  3. Make Google happy & your page position higher with your site’s fast loading speed, ADA compliance, and well-optimized meta tags and SEO.

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