6 Reasons Why You Might Have A High Bounce Rate, You Can fix Things

Get Some Vitamin C For Your Bounce Rate

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Here’s Some Vitamin C for Your Bounce Rate

If you have Google analytics set up on your website, you may have been receiving a new report from Google on your bounce rates, number of visitors to the website, length of stay and the increase or decrease in those numbers.

This week we are talking about BOUNCE RATE.

Normally, your bounce rate should be between 40% – 70%. If it is lower than 20% your Google Analytic are probably not set up correctly.

Why is 40% – 70% normal in the hospitality industry?

  1. When someone clicks on your reservation page it takes them to another website.
  2. When someone clicks on any of the links to third party websites that is considered a bounce.
  3. What if someone comes to your inn through a photo of a hiking trail or through a misspelling. They see they have the wrong site and they’ll bounce.

Any of these items can affect bounce rate but are NOT necessarily a bad thing, so you might not need to worry about it.

Bounce Rates are just one component of checking on your website’s health. You are getting new traffic and people are seeing your property (even if it is just for a few seconds) and that is a good thing. You are increasing impressions (and that is another number I’m sure you are looking at).

However if you are above the 60% bounce rate, get an audit for your website. Webmasters can fix most of these things.

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6 Reasons for a High Bounce Rate

6 Reasons Why You Might Have

A High Bounce Rate

New York Times best-selling author and SEO expert offers a 2-minute video to help you understand Bounce Rates.

Here are 6 Reasons an Inn Might Have A High Bounce Rate

  1. Slow load times
  2. Inaccurate title tags or meta descriptions
  3. Your site is not mobile (this really increases your bounce rate)
  4. Your font size is too small
  5. You are lacking cross-links, videos, good photos etc.
  6. Your website is not secure and has not been updated to HTTPS.

Please Show Me A List Of What I Need To Fix On My Website