Innkeepers Love These Websites, 2 Website Problems You Can Solve Fast

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We’ve been thrilled to hear comments from innkeepers about the websites we are building for them –

Recent Comments From Innkeepers

“The results are so phenomenal!”
“With your help we’ve reached this (high) level of reservations.”
“Thanks to our wonderful new website, we are booking all the time!!”
“Please change the rates – add $30 to each room.”
“Diane,You and your team exceeded my hopes!”
“The iLoveInns websites look so fabulous!!”

Speed, Ease of Use Increases Bookings
The developers at iLoveInns pride themselves on best practices to create healthy and hearty websites with staying power. They understand guests are looking on phones, tablets, desktops and want sites to come up fast. They know the path to booking is unique for inns and that each website can be bothy a work of art AND contain exquisite back-end programming.

Why waste more time/money with a web designer/programmer who may not have the skills to keep the site from being hacked/falling in SEO/getting in the local 3 pack etc.

Recently we built an entirely new site for an innkeeper in four weeks that was mobile-friendly and the innkeeper got very good results.

2 Reasons Why You Should Almost Never Hire Local

1. Most local designers have not created many, many hotel and inn websites and don’t understand the navigation, title tags, path to booking and the back end.

2. Inns don’t draw customers locally. Website designers who are local, mostly have experience with local businesses drawing their customers from within 2-30 miles. But inns need an entirely different set of skills for their sites. A designer lacking lodging skill really works against you because most they don’t understand hotels and travel booking on websites.

Just today we reviewed 2 beautiful inn properties and they had title tags that hurt them, losing out on searches because the title tags were wrong. Oftentimes even Booking Suite doesn’t give you the right title tags and with them you don’t own your own site. Other problems were slow speeds, and non optimized photos, etc etc etc.

jpeg (1)Hire an Expert – It’s So Much Better and Even Less Expensive

Don’t get in a mess like one of the hard-working innkeepers mentioned above. Engage with people who have been in the B&B industry for more than 30 years and whose team of bed and breakfast experts have more than 100 years of experience. That would be iLoveInns. More