95 Innkeepers Designed This Program

95 Innkeepers Told Us How


When we were considering a BOGO program (requested by Nabisco Shredded Wheat), we contacted 100 different inns because we knew everyone has different goals, challenges and perspectives.

We were surprised when 95 of the 100 inns chosen at random, wanted to participate in the Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second-Night Free program. Those 95 innkeepers told us how to make it work. And that is why this program has lasted more than 20 years – because innkeepers told us how:

You pay no commission or fees for this program and get guests in the off times. And you choose exactly your own particular times you will welcome these bookings.

Cornucopia at Oldfield (Conn.) seen above, restricts their dates to “SundayThursday, Jan. 1-May 30, subject to availability, no holidays”

While Cheshire Cat, below, offers “SundayThursday, subject to availability. Weekends and Holiday periods based on last minute availability only.

3 Ways to Join
All you have to do to join the program is:

  1. Print the form below
  2. Call iloveinns at 949-481-7276
  3. Hit reply to this email with the times you can do the program and we’ll fill out the paperwork for you.


Cheshire Cat, Santa Barbara has been using these dates for 20 years – SundayThursday, subject to availability. Weekends and Holiday periods based on last minute availability only.

4 Benefits – 20 Years Proof

1. Guests Come Back and Send Others

Recently a company with a BOGO ran a survey and reported, “When visitors come with a bogo, most come back without one – 70%!”  Innkeepers tell us their guests with the BOGO book weddings, come back without any discount or at the very least tell everyone they know about the inn because they are so excited.

Here’s what guests say,

We are always so excited about the inns we visit that we tell everyone about it. We go during the middle of the week and are always grateful to the proprietors. When we find our favorites, those become our “go to” inns for celebrations and getaways.” Susan

This is an easy way to increase customer base that delivers results.

2. Solves Problem of Room Donation Requests

Use vouchers when you are asked to donate stays at your inn for charity events. You can contribute to the event and at the same time get compensated for one night because you are only donating the second night.

“Solves All My Requests for Room Donations,” the innkeeper at Castle Inn reports. “Being asked about ten times a week to donate a free room to various charities, this is a way to turn a negative into a positive and make a profit at the same time!”

I have mainly used for charities that are constantly asking for donations. Also once a month I randomly draw a name from the guests who have visited that month and send it as a gift. It’s a total surprise to the guest and I’ve gotten a great response from this.” Peter Dooling


3. The Voucher Makes a Calling Card To Local Companies

Colleges, hospitals, accounting firms, manufacturing and tech companies in town will remember and recommend you when they have a voucher sitting in front of them.

This is an easy way to get local businesses to meet with you also and discover you are a solution for their incoming guests. Call on them in person or send an employee.

When you give them a BOGO voucher they’ll house midweek business people with you.


4. Gets Off-Season Guests

One innkeeper reported getting 51 new guests in Winter in Canada. “t had to write and let you know how great your Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night Free Program is – It brought in 51 bookings during our slow season.Some came once and re-booked for the summer and others came back two and three times in winter!! There were no negatives – the returns were more than positive. Thank you for all the great marketing ideas and your continued efforts to support the B&Bs and Inns across North America!!! D. Paterson


Magnolia Plantation, Florida – The dates this property will honor the certificate are SundayThursday, all year or anytime, last minute.

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Free Offer to Innkeepers – 5 Vouchers

Give Away or Use for Your Own Travel

Be one of the first new inns to join (no fees, or commissions or charges) and we will send you 5 Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night-Free Vouchers for your own use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Innkeepers select their own specific times – usually “anytime based on availability” or “Sunday through Thursday Nov. through May 15, or “at the last minute”. (It is always based on your projections of availability.)
  2. Visitors with vouchers check your website on iLoveInns.com for Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second-Night Free and contact you directly.
  3. You pay no commission or fees for this program


All you have to do to join the program is print this or simply call iloveinns at https://iloveinns.com/applicationfreenight.pdf  or go into the innkeeper editor and look for the EXTRAS – it looks like this;

Fill it out and fax to (949) 481-3796 or log in to the innkeeper editor scroll to bottom left



Write Jamee@iLoveInns.com if you want to order additional vouchers. (quantity discounts are available to members – 10 vouchers for $100 (instead of $20 each.     Deborah and Staff