A Williamsburg White House Inn

A Williamsburg White House Inn

Look at Beautiful Websites to Decide What Kind of Website You Need

Is Your Inn Traditional? Full of Wimsey? Loaded With Nature & Adventure? Everything About Your Property Is Custom – Right?

If your inn is One-Of-A-Kind – your website needs to be one-of-a-kind.

And you need to own your website.

A Williamsburg White House Inn’s new website is a good example and was just launched last week.

5 Features You Can Use – Click the Links

  1. Every page offers a Review Slider as an anchor – people don’t have to go back to Tripadvisor for endorsements.
  2. The Home Page is long & powerful enough to make a decision to book – the content and photos include rooms, breakfast and a powerful comment from a Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy saying its the finest white House he’s ever visited.
  3. The Breakfast Page with photos includes a section for Breakfast Starters and one for Entrees.
  4. And the home page Check Availability isn’t in neon yellow but still stands out against the elegant navy header
  5. Beautiful Wedding Page – the 3 wedding packages offered include photos making each selection compelling

Of course all the behind the scenes high speed loading, good SEO are there.


Another Custom Website for Another One-Of-A-Kind Inn

Lavender Inn

Lavender Inn, Ojai Calif.

The Most Valuable Real Estate In The World – Your Home Page*

Do you want the dazzling, glorious parts of your inn to grab the perfect customer match for you? That’s what happens with websites we design such as Lavender Inn’s new bed and breakfast website.

*Jakob Nielsen


Yes! Fresh Websites Always Pay for Themselves

Yes! Fresh Websites Always Pay for Themselves

It’s amazing just how fast a new website pays for Itself – sometimes even within a week! We have never seen a well-executed inn website that hasn’t paid for itself quickly.

Often our Engineering Team Leader Diane is asked, Why is it so Easy to collaborate with i Love Inns developers? We can’t get anything done with our current people! The answer comes from innkeepers themselves:

“Good morning, Diane! Wow! I LOVE INNS! You and your team really are FANTASTIC and I am singing your praises to all my colleagues!”  Marianna, owner NY inn.

“Thank you, Diane! You and your team did an incredible job!  It looks beautiful!  Please pass on my many thanks to your staff for all of the work to create our new website!”  Amy, MA inn

Quick Fixes Too

Our Mission with websites is to make them as dazzling as possible and to remove technology road blocks that hold back some of America’s best innkeepers. We are constantly making speed fixes, ADA fixes, optimizing photos, adjusting for Google SEO, adding photos and blogs, as well as creating entirely new sites.

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