A Genuine Big City Experience and the Chance to Make New Friends

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    New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas, all big cities with a plethora of opportunities and excitement. If you’ve never been to the city before, the overabundance of possible activities for the day can be overwhelming. Add in questions about transportation, convenience, and who makes the best latte, and you may wonder where to even start. The answer is quite simple, make a friend in that city. Sure, there are multitudes of guide books written every year, but they are written for tourists. People who want to know about the real city get the help of a local.

    So, the answer seems simple until you need to put it into practice. How do you make a friend in a city you’ve never been to? Luckily, there is another simple answer. Book a room in a bed and breakfast. Innkeepers are knowledgeable about the area and eager to share their love of their city with guests. With thoughtful extras and comfortable rooms, guests will feel right at home.

    Consider the Ivy Terrace in Manhattan. The inn boasts charming studio apartments with queen beds, a fully-equipped kitchen, and private bathrooms. Two of the guest rooms have terraces; imagine having private outdoor space in the middle of a city. Recent TripAdvisor reviewers rave about feeling right at home in a “great neighborhood where we felt very comfortable and safe.” The innkeeper is helpful throughout your stay providing recommendations and tips for the heart of NYC. The responses to each and every review show the connection made between innkeeper and guest. Along with the typical amenities found in a sterile hotel room, the inn has umbrellas to borrow if the weather tries to interrupt your trip, reading material when you need some down time, and free brandy as a night cap. The leading comment throughout the reviews in the chance “to experience New York like real New Yorkers do.”

    If you aren’t already sold on staying in a bed and breakfast on your next trip, here are a few more reasons to book that big city reservation today:

    Other guests are a helpful resource. Many inns schedule a complimentary happy hour each afternoon. The opportunity to mingle with other guests and hear about their experiences, both good and bad, can help guide your trip.

    City bed and breakfasts are part of the adventure. There aren’t stuffy elevators, instead there is the possibility of an interesting or historic staircase. Responsive innkeepers replace the need for a 24-hour overly-helpful concierge service; independent and adventurous travelers especially like knowing that there is someone to answer questions yet they can also explore on their own.

    A complimentary and satisfying breakfast. The most frustrating thing about travel is having to get up, showered, and dressed all before your first cup of coffee. Bed and breakfasts often have coffee and tea available all day. After that invigorating first cup, they provide you with a full breakfast that starts your day off right.

    A homey feel. Luxurious linens, high-quality bath products, and exceptional furnishings are a far cry from long hallways full of doors upon doors leading to the same exact hotel room. This is your space and it feels that way.

Book your big city trip today but consider yourself warned; you may find yourself visiting your new friend and new favorite city over and over again.