A New Website Can Help Your Bed & Breakfast Buyer Get a Loan, Pop Ups Drive Reservations

Will a New Website Help You Sell Your Inn?

Does a new website help you sell? Some innkeepers and some inn brokers think it does. It is a powerful asset and establishes the professional aspect of your inn.

“We Are In Escrow” – We just received a call from an innkeeper who recently sold his inn – it was just last year that we had built his beautiful new website.

A New Website Can Help Your Buyer Get a Loan – In a competitive market, any edge can be useful in persuading a bank to lend you money. A professional website can be immensely helpful in convincing someone to invest. It shows that you understand the current business atmosphere, and that your business has what it takes to thrive.

A Good Website Establishes Trust

A buyer of your inn is more likely to trust your business when you have a professional website.

“Doubled Occupancy in 4 Months” – “We purchased our inn with a 20% occupancy. In 4 months we took it to 48% occupancy with a new website and some social media.”

Want a quote to fix your website or build a new one?

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What We Heard From Innkeepers This Week

“They Yanked My Site Off-Line” – “I gave this company $4000 ($399 per month plan) to build me a new website. They promised me everything and they couldn’t even size a photo. When I stopped payments, they yanked my new website off line and put up my old site. They disconnected my reservation system so I had no reservations for over a month.”

“We were down about 30% this summer due to the website and to Expedia” putting a STOP HOLD on my account.” (This, combined with our website problem caused the decline in business.) Wisconsin

“Won’t give access” – I’M HAVING A PROBLEM, because my webmaster has all their websites on one server and won’t give me access to the site to make the needed ADA Fixes. They’ve given me an editor’s access but I need Administrative access. Maine Innkeeper

“We called and the company wants $12,000 to build a new site (for our association) and we can’t afford anything like that. We are being held hostage.

“I paid $85 a month for maintenance and got none – I don’t own my website. A national company rents it to me and it’s a complete rip off. Clients wind up hating them. My site is a mess.” Washington State inn

Take Control of Your Website

Contact iLoveInns 949-481-7276 DRingler@Iloveinns.com for inquiries on a new website or a fix.


Pop-Ups Love You Back

Now that you’ve built a great new website AND have taken control of your website, you need a great tool: POP-UPS.

They can be used for marketing, selling gift certificates, offering discounts or letting guests know about an award or even a new review you like.

Here’s a pop-up combining an award with a special.

Order your website today and we’ll design 3 FREE POP-UPS for you.

You’ll be able to activate them at will, put them up and take them down when needed and change them whenever you wish.

We’ll show you how to make more pop-ups. (We provide FREE training when your website is complete)

$300 is our normal design charge for 3 pop-ups, plus free training and endless dollars in new revenue. Free when you start your new website with iloveinns.com

7 Ways to Use Pop ups On Your Website

  • Vacancies this weekend? Add a WEEKEND SPECIAL that’s only available on your site.
  • Pop-ups can help you sell more gift certificates
  • Need to close the inn because of an emergency? Alert the public on your pop-up
  • Phone, reservation system, technology problems? Alert guest visitors on the best way to reach you.
  • Great new restaurant opening next week? Let them know
  • Announce something new: Offering wine & appetizers at the inn every Friday from 5-6 Pm
  • Feature a great new review

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