A Perfect Day in Cape May, New Jersey

bayber0c_tnBy Bayberry Inn Innkeepers Toby & Andy Fontaine


Begin your day at Bayberry Inn by enjoying the sunrise over the breathtaking Cape May waters. Head over to the promanade and walk its length while revelling in the fresh ocean air. Then stroll over to the Magicbrain Cybercafe for a special blend of organic coffee and treat yourself to a chocolate croissant.

Relaxation or Adventure

cape-may-shoreIn the afternoon, plan out for leisurely day at Sunset Beach. If you drive, park in the lot at the end of Sunset Blvd., in front of the remnants of a concrete ship. Enjoy the delicate dunes of Cape May and the long stretch of natural beach without houses or buildings.

Or, if you are up for a Cape May nature adventure, take a whale and dolphin watching tour. A handful of whale watching boats dock on Lafayette Avenue. Additionally, you may find harbor seals, great blue herson, sting rays, gigantic sunfish, loggerhead sea turtles, otters and the ubiquitous laughing gull.

In the Evening

Just before sunset, take a bike ride and watch the sky turn shades of orange, blue and purple as the sun dips below the Delaware Bay’s horizon. For dinner, head to Louisa’s restaurant (609-884-5882) for the friendly, casual atmosphere coupled with superb food.

Since Cape May is fortunate to have two professional equity theaters in town, you can decide which play to see after dinner. Then stroll back to the bed and breakfast inn, breathing in the crisp sea air.