A Perfect Day in Louisville, Kentucky

By Nancy Hinchliff  

Everyone needs a break now and then. We think it’s about time you did a little something for yourself…… like relaxing in a tub of luxurious bubbles, or sipping a glass of wine in front of a beautiful art deco fireplace. How about falling asleep in a huge, 4-poster, Victorian bed, snuggled under crisp, white luxury sheets and down comforter? Wake in the morning to the aroma of fresh baked muffins or bread, with the anticipation of a perfect day.

Now that you’re rested, come on downstairs and relax in our beautiful French Toile dining room, while we pamper you with steaming cups of fresh brewed, gourmet coffee. Try one of our Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, or a delicious Spinach-herb Quiche. Don’t get up!! Just sit and relax and imagine all the fun things we’ve got planned for you today, on your perfect day in LousivilleKentucky.

Come in the springtime, when everything is in bloom.  Today, as you leave the Aleksander House, you will hop into the cab that’s waiting out front, compliments of Aleksander House. Heading toward downtown Louisville, your cabby will first take you to the Louisville Glassworks Studio, where you’ll watch some of the finest glass in Louisville being blown. From there, you’ll take a little tour down Market Street which is lined on either side with beautiful, 17th century buildings, restored and standing as proud reminders of Louisville’s past history.

Next stop is Joe Ley’s Antiques, a curious 3 story building containing fine and unusual antiques. Even if you aren’t a collector, you must see this authentically, restored, 1890 schoolhouse. Filled with a vast array of antique lights, lamps, doors, mantels, fences, and gates, as well as antique toys, carousel animals, wooden clowns and handsome antique furniture, it’s absolutely incredible. 

Now for an incredible place for lunch! We’ve selected Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, a quirky, independent restaurant with great food, serving everything from walnut-encrusted chicken to Mom’s meatloaf, as well as a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches. Lynn’s has received extensive local and national media attention, including features on television programs such as the Oprah Winfrey Show. Amazing food, and amazing decor and gifts.

kentucky-derbyNext, your cabby will take you on a scenic ride down past the Ohio river front, where our historic river boats are docked, and up through Old Louisville, the third largest preservation area in the country, with row upon row of 17th and 18th century Victorian houses. You are on your way to beautiful Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Once there, you will step inside the world of horse racing. Stay as long as you want. Place a $2.00 bet and cheer for your horse, as he comes galloping down the track.

Time to head back to the Inn, only 14 blocks away, and take a little rest before dinner. You have reservations at Jack Frys; an amazing, intimate and romantic, american restaurant. Order the Pistachio-encrusted salmon, it’s fabulous! A little wine, a scrumptious dessert, and some pleasant conversation and you’re ready to head back to the Aleksander House to that 4-poster bed and collapse beneath the glistening white linens and comforter. See you in the morning!