A Perfect Day in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

BY: Sundance Trail Guest Ranch

What is a Colorado ranch vacation perfect day? Hmmm… “Perfect” is defined by your expectations. Are you looking for:

  • fishing-opportunitiesA Country Inn Bed & Breakfast weekend get-away?
  • A horseback riding family vacation.
  • A Murder Mystery?
  • An adventure vacation?
  • A quiet relaxed elopement wedding?
  • A family reunion with no cooking , dishes or cleaning?


A perfect day? Whether for a weekend or a full week, a perfect day looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds like this:

  • kidonhorseWaking up to sunshine streaming through the window;
  • The crisp dry air greeting your nose, with a hint of pine;
  • The sound of twigs or maybe snow crunching under your feet;
  • The sweet and savory tastes of breakfast;
  • The gentle rocking of your horse underneath you;
  • The crack of your shotgun and the pop! of the clay pigeon;
  • Hiking uphill, the gentle sweet burn in your legs and chest;
  • The stillness of watching your bobber, waiting for supper to take your bait;
  • The aroma of cookies baking;
  • Watching the traffic passing by: your dog and our dogs, goats, horses, donkeys…
  • The light but unmistakeable scent of their exhaust as they “fertilize” the pastures!
  • The laughter when your horse shoe makes a “ringer.”
  • The tang of hunger gained from just the right amount of physical activity;
  • The warmth of supper and simple relaxed convdersation;
  • The smell of pine logs in the campfire or fireplace;
  • The sparkle of a billion stars, melting in the jacuzzi with you;
  • The delicious flavor of feeling genuinely tired;
  • Sleep to the sound of silence, broken by wind in the trees.