A Perfect Day in West Jefferson, Ashe County, North Carolina

DocAdams(1)By  Brian “Doc” Adams, Innkeeper, Buffalo Tavern Bed and Breakfast West Jefferson, North Carolina

blue-ridgeFilled with pristine green forests of Fraser firs and towering Appalachian mountain peaks, Ashe County, tucked in the far northwest corner of North Carolina, is the perfect destination for some time away.  Once known as the “Lost Province” and a favorite hunting place of pioneer Daniel Boone, Ashe County, with West Jefferson and Jefferson as its largest towns, is now a thriving and vibrant community of arts, antiques, adventures, and activities.  

Located just 6 ½ miles northwest of West Jefferson and directly in the middle of Ashe County is a quaint and rustic old farmhouse known now as Buffalo Tavern Bed and Breakfast.  Built in 1872 and having served as a way station for travelers coming from Tennessee to Jefferson in the days of horse-drawn travel, the Tavern still serves guests who enjoy the peace of these enchanting mountains.  The area, known as the Buffalo Community, still thrives as its own special area of the county.

sallymaeemporiumSpending a perfect day in the area is easy!  After a full country breakfast at Buffalo Tavern, prepared and served by Doc, the Innkeeper, guests should head to downtown West Jefferson where they will find many small shops and over a dozen art galleries, filled with many works produced by local artists.  A visit to Sally Mae’s Emporium, located on Jefferson Avenue, is a must as it is filled with hundreds of fascinating local antiques and artifacts. During the spring through fall seasons, the local farmers’ market is open.

The four-stop-light downtown area is totally walkable. While there, visit Ashe County Cheese Factory. It is the only cheese factory in the entire state of North Carolina and has been in continuous operation since 1930. Be sure to sample!  When finished exploring, stop by Bohemia Coffeehouse, on Jefferson Avenue, or West Jefferson Coffee House, located on Back Street, and have a latte while viewing more artwork and hearing the sounds of country music in the background. 

churchOn the way out of town, plan a stop at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church on Beaver Creek School Road.  This tiny white church boasts three of t