Alaska Overview from Your Anchorage Bed and Breakfast

Anchorage Bed and Breakfast inns are great starting points for tourists to enjoy most of Alaska’s attractions because the majority can be found in Anchorage. The night scene can be as equally vibrant and active as other US cities. Ask your Anchorage bed and breakfast innkeepers to help you choose from among the more popular watering holes such as Simon and Seafort’s or Sub Zero Bistro and Micro lounge. Midnight Sun or Moose’s Tooth are the most popular local beers served here, but do not ignore the vodkas produced by Alaska Distillery with exciting favors such as Smoked Salmon, Frostbite and Permafrost.


After an exciting night out in town, stay at any Anchorage bed and breakfast. In the morning, you can start visiting the many Anchorage attractions starting with the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum which is in front of Lake Hood. This museum boasts twenty airplanes including a World War II Grumman Goose amphibian and an Army recon aircraft which is amazingly still capable of flying. This museum exhibits Alaska’s aviation culture and heritage which showcases its veterans and pioneers shown in the many photos on the Alaska Aviation Hall of Fame. Take a trip to the Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo, a free museum where you can see over 900 Alaska Native artifacts and other antique items that date back hundreds of years. There is even a 46-troy-ounce gold nugget which is the largest of its kind on display in the state. The Alaska State Troopers Museum showcases the history of the police force in Alaska and it includes memorabilia, photos and original art prevalent during the early days of Alaska law enforcement. You can even see an actual trooper uniform in its restored 1952 status and Hudson Hornet police car. Do not miss out on Alaska’s largest museum which is the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. Laden with native artwork, this museum is home to over 600 indigenous Alaskan artifacts loaned by the Smithsonian Institute. Some of the displays here are objects that have never been shown anywhere else including a parka made of 1880 Inupiaq caribou skin and a 1903 Tlingit crest hat made from spruce root.

Of course, with kids along, you cannot pass up the chance to visit the Alaska Zoo, a home for injured and orphaned animals. Some of the beasts in the Alaska zoo include raptors, caribou, moose, brown bears, wolves, polar bears, the almost extinct Amur tigers, snow leopards, Tibetan yaks, and even Bactrian camels. Then take a side trip to the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge where you can watch and try to spot more than 130 bird species. The most popular spot here would be Potter Marsh.

To enjoy your stay more, make sure that you book in one of the many Anchorage bed and breakfast inns.


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