An American Historic Inn – A Great Place to Celebrate Thanksgiving


John Rutledge House Inn

Spend Thanksgiving at an American Historic Inn and you’ll be surprised at the amazing history you can enjoy in your own state, all while having a getaway, dining in traditional elegance with delicious food and snacks and living within the walls of America’s most historic rooms.

Catalog of Each State’s Most Historic Inns

We’ve recently listed each state’s most historic inns by date so you can easily see what your state has to offer for a truly satisfying way to celebrate history – by breathing in the walls where many prominent forefathers made their contribution to our country.

For instance, the first draft of the Constitution was formulated in Charleston, S.C. where the John Rutledge House now provides a fine lodging option. Or stay in a 1668 historic stone house The Stone House Bed and Breakfast in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley. Then there’s Ashley Manor, a Cape Cod inn built in 1699 with open-hearth fireplaces and a secret passage connecting the upstairs and downstairs – thought to be a hiding place for Tories during the Revolutionary War.

Ashley Manor

Ashley Manor

To Find the Most Historic Inns in Your State

Discover the most historic inns and bed and breakfasts in your state by visiting  Put your state in the search box. When the state page comes up you will see links on the right to go to either a list that is alphabetical by city or a list that shows the most historic inns with the dates they were built.

Try These Great States to Find the Most Authentic Historic Inns for Thanksgiving


New York State





South Carolina