B&B Murder Mystery Dinner in Kentucky’s Vineyard Country

Kentucky Plantation


This fun event is being held at Springhill Plantation in Bloomfield, Kentucky just outside Bardstown, an inn with its own vineyard and winery in wine country. It was built originally in 1857 in the Federal style and one look at the estate made me remember the REAL MURDER MY GREAT GRANDFATHER solved on a Kentucky farm.



Back in 1919 when he was a Pinkerton detective. Lee Edwards was hired to solve a suspected murder in the rolling hills of Kentucky.

It seems there were 3 brothers who inherited their father’s extensive farm. One brother had died under suspicious circumstances and one of the remaining brothers suspected brother number one of killing his own kin so he could increase his holdings. Brother number 2 was afraid he would be next so he contacted the Pinkertons and hired himself a man – my great grandfather.

Grandpa Lee took pride in the fact that,”he always got his man.” He discovered in his research and Surveillance surveillance that brother number one was looking for a beekeeper and quickly became an expert in bees. He was hired on and worked as the farm’s bee keeper until finally after 6 months, he had his confession – invited for a drink by his employer, he managed to encourage another drink and another until the inebriated lips of his suspect, laid out his plan to murder brother number 2 and admitted to his previous murder. He was apprehended on the spot and Great Grandad moved his family out west where he remained a Pinkerton detective who always got his man.

While the Bardstown area isn’t exactly where this all took place, Springfield Plantation’s bed and breakfast murder mystery event still entices me. What could be better than a beautiful Kentucky mansion, blue grass vistas, wineries and Southern hospitality? See More

PS. Are you a Thomas Merton fan? Nearby is the Gethsemani Monastery where one of the first vineyards of the area was established by the Trappist monks of France.


Murder Mystery Dinner Private Party  –  Honky Tonk Homicide


Murder MysteryBubba’s Springhill Winery in Cactus, Texas is the vineyard inn location for Dinner and a Shot of Fun!

It’s the last call for Bubba Angus, owner of Bubba’s Bar in Cactus, Texas. late tonight, he was found dead in his office – shot and killed with a .22 caliber pistol. You are one of eight suspects at the forefront of the murder investigation. Put on a clean shirt, lock up the trailer and hop in the truck. You don’t wanna miss this party! Don’t forget to wear your costume!

Enjoy an evening of mystery, intrigue, and delicious food – not to mention, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT & FUN! This is an interactive murder mystery party game in which you the guests for the evening become characters suspected of the crime in question. We will send you & your guest information on the characters that you will be playing along with suggestion on what to wear.

Wine and dinner not included, but priced separately. You must be of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages.

Groups of 8 to 12 people participate with a minimum of 4 room rentals required. Call 502.252.9463 for reservations and pricing.  (Please have two alternate dates available).