Bed and Breakfast Fans Kidnap Each Other for 21 Years

Dr. Carol Ann Hackley and husband Cole know how to keep the romance alive in their marriage with annual bed and breakfast excursions. For 21 years they have kidnapped each other on or around their birthdays. There are Rules, though. The birthday mate never knows when or where they will be taken. And their suitcase is secretly packed for them (so nothing is given away such as binoculars, waders, snow boots or bathing suits). 

Vee Bar Guest Ranch

Dr. Hackley is a fan of  the iLoveInns Buy-One-Get-the-Second-Night-Free program  and voucher and has been using it to plan many of their trips. Now that the couple are both retired, they often travel in the middle of the week when many of the best bed and breakfast deals are available. Getaways are even more exciting when the couple scores a high-value travel offer such as receiving two nights at an inn for the price of one night.

Arlington Inn

Last week they stayed at an Annapolis Inn, Reynolds Tavern, which offers an English afternoon tea and a circa 1747 pub as well as a gracious historic venue and great breakfast. A few of the other inns they’ve enjoyed include several in their home state of California: National Hotel and The Victorian Gold in Jamestown, Candlelight Inn in Napa and the Grey Gables in Sutter Creek. Recently they’ve also visited The Washington House Inn and Fountain Chateau in Wisconsin and this month, Albert Shafsky House, Placerville, California. (The couple have recently become travel agents and are now helping others get the most for their money.)

More than 1,200 inns in all 50 states offer the half-price program. See some of the great little inns that offer the second night free with’s program. 

Blue Lantern Inn