Bed & Breakfast Innkeeper Serenades Guests in Newsletters, Fall Picnics Bring Guests, The Right Link for Seattle’s $10 Airbnb Tax, Breakfast Quesadilla Make Ahead 30 Days

The 10 best picnic spots 

Put your heads together and come up with favorite picnic spots near the inn – then start bragging in newsletters and on your website. Use your keywords – such as California Riviera best beach picnics. Big Bear is a mountain town 1-2 hours from Los Angeles – the city’s tourism group wrote the content -“fall picnics surrounded by the beauty of the forest or lake.” “Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors is a perfect way to create memories … that will last a lifetime. Photo is from the blog SettingforFour – check out the 5 picnic baskets hanging from a tree.


Innkeeper Serenades – Looks Like More Fun

I was happy to get a Wilburton Inn newsletter after a hiatus of 3 months or so. And I coulldn’t believe it. A singing/song writer innkeeper! – personality plus and talent is all it takes. This is worth playing. Once you get into youtube you’ll find more entertaining videos made by the inn.

Celebrate Halloween with a Dog-Friendly  Event

Canine Halloween Celebration

A picture is worth 1,000 words in this case. A new take on Halloween celebrations from Wilburton Inn includes dressed up doggies.


Airbnb Advantage Described as Unfair Football

“It’s as if it were a football match but you allow some players on the pitch that don’t have to play by the same rules: it isn’t a foul if they kick somebody and they can’t be caught offside,” complained Malcom Bell, tourism leader.

Mr Bell was speaking as new numbers reveal people staying in accommodations listed on Airbnb in the UK has shot up by more than 80% since summer last year.  More


Here’s the Right Link – Last Week We Reported Seattle’s $10 Tax on Airbnb Nights

The Seattle City Council has released a new set of regulations designed to prevent property owners from operating Airbnbs and other short-term rentals as if they were hotels – part of a larger effort to ensure an adequate supply of long-term rental stock for the city’s permanent residents. More


Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadilla

Watch this video and make ahead a  few  individual quesadillas for emergency – they claim they can be stored in the freezer 30 days – It’s the third one in this fun and easy to follow video. (Watch the cheesy egg bake recipe also.)

Photo is a vegetarian taco cup.


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