Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Plan for Leisure Travel Comeback

Finally I'll have a new website

What To Do Now to Prepare Ahead

In this issue we are giving 4 ideas for preparing ahead for leisure travel comeback.

Work On a New Website

While things are quiet you have time now to start that long needed new website.

It’s easier to get started than you think – We’ve taken many many innkeepers through the process over the years.

Now could be the perfect time to hire a local photographer.

Why now is the perfect time to take great photos:

  1. No one is at the inn so the photographer will have free reign.
  2. Gather spring flowers and flood your rooms with flora for photos
  3. You have time to cook eye candy dishes for your site

New Website Deal

If you can’t get new photos now OR your photographer is practicing social distancing, don’t let that stop you from starting your website.

Complementary $400 value – we’ll use your current photos or other suitable stock photos as place holders till you can get your new photos.  Then, when you get those fabulous new prints, we will replace every photo on the site, optimize and compress them and add the alt tags.

We’ll do all of this AT NO EXTRA COST to you.   In the meantime, get working on your new site and we’ll handle the optimization, compression and tagging of your current photos, too.  You have nothing to lose.

Talk to Me About a New Website

Or call 949-481-7276


Fix My Website

Fix My Website, Please

Some websites can be fixed with new colors/fonts/photos and SEO. When we audit a site there are often many unexpected issues that explain why sites are lower on Google searches than they should be.

7 Ways We Fix Your Website

  1. Target 12 images on a page with alt text
  2. Add lots of headers and sub headers – (On average, top performing websites have 22 headers and sub headers.)
  3. Add voice search questions
  4. Add more opportunities to book (pop ups, chat box, Book Now buttons)
  5. Add Up-to-Date Rave Reviews, any awards, or good press to build confidence for potential guests
  6. Increase the attractiveness of your Calls to Action – how they look is as important as how they work
  7. Speed up how fast your website loads so travelers don’t lose patience and bounce from your site to shop elsewhere.

Our Mission with websites is to remove technology road blocks that hold back some of America’s best innkeepers. We are constantly making ADA fixes, optimizing photos, adjusting for Google SEO, adding new and better photos and blogs, as well as creating entirely new sites.

Show Me a List Of What I Need to Make My Website Convert More Guests



How To Make A Blog Drive Traffic to Your Website & Increase Your SEO

Active Blogs With Fresh Content Drive Traffic to Your Website & Increase SEO

How to Make This Happen?

  • Consistently use your best keywords in each blog
  • Put links in your blog to other pages on y9our website (helps SEO)
  • Identify answers to voice activated searches (we help!)
  • Add Frequently Asked Questions to your blog
  • Optimize photos by compressing and labeling them

Sound more time consuming than you can deal with? I Love Inns has STAFF WRITERS and SEO EXPERTS who can help with writing and optimizing.

Each fresh blog can also be posted on Facebook with a take out message on Instagram.

Not technically savvy to optimize your posts, identify keywords and add alt tags to photos? I Love Inns can do that for you.

I Think I Need A Blog



Now Is Not the Time To Be Invisible

Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before and it’s not the time to become invisible and hope for the best.

Maintain visibility and you will set your business up for a faster and better comeback.

There’s no better tool to get you there than newsletters with great content. And because most of your list is made of guests who already know you, they are happy to hear from you.

When they get your newsletters they recall the inn with warmth!

You can also bring in sales now with content rich newsletters.

The i Love Inns newsletter team will help you get results to build visibility and drive future sales.

Try our $500 special – 4 beautiful newsletters including all the best practice technical stuff.

I Need Your Help To Sell More Gift Certificates To My Guests


Road Trips

Plan & Pitch Road Trips –

Take time to brainstorm a few road trips with 2 or 3 innkeepers in destinations 2, 3, or 4 hours away from you.

Her’s How

  1. Identify 3-5 possibilities that put your inn at the beginning, middle or end of the road trip
  2. Group by themes if that works – agritourism, horse farms, gourmet, views, wide open spaces
  3. Contact inns with your idea
  4. Divide up media contacts – newspapers, magazines, radio, local visitors bureaus
  5. (Contact Score and see if they have a PR person)
  6. Each inn sends newsletters to their newsletter list – so instead of 1000 – 5,000 on your email list you can talk to 3,000- 15,000 B&B fans

Media are going to be hungry for fresh stories like this!