Bed & Breakfast Shares Secrets of Up to 10 Reservations Per Newsletter

Camelia Inn

Camelia Inn Shares Secrets of Up To 10 Reservations* Per Email


Camelia Inn is an iLoveInns newsletter client with D. Ringler as her customer support. This is a recent interview.

Deborah: How do you pick your topics?

Lucy Lewand:

  1. I like to think in threes such as 3 very small wineries, 3 restaurants, 3 staff members to feature.
  2. We have a publicist for our hotel group and she< sends us trends such as “Solo Travel” is big right now, also drinks with grapefruit.
  3. I always scan the chamber of commerce news


Deborah: How Do You Get Such Good Results?

“When it looks slower than usual and just a little bit ahead, I’ll do an email note about Sales Days – I send it close to the dates available. It works!, We will get 2-3 sales from this alone. 

“But Our Regular monthly newsletters always result in *5-10 reservations.

“We also do resend a couple days later – Resends are easy and cheap – $50.”


Stroudsmoor Country Inn Decides On 4 Separate Newsletters

As seen in this week’s Stroudsmoor newsletter: “New choices for our loyal subscribers! Thanks to the more than 11,000 subscribers that are currently receiving our newsletter. We are making changes to give you better information, and just the information you’re looking for. Starting next week, we are separating our newsletters into these four specialty lists.

  • Weddings and Wedding Planning
  • Dining, Holidays and Music Events
  • Lodging and Spa Packages
  • Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Specials

If you still want all four, do nothing! You will continue to receive all of our regular email content.”


Newsletter Outtakes:

Captain Farris - “Summer Comes Only Once a Year”

Captain Farris – “Summer Comes Only Once a Year”


Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, Maine

Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, Maine


American Riviera