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Inn at Little Washington, Little Washington, Virginia


Inn at Little Washington Adds Tea Service on Sundays – $68 per person

One of the benefits of adding Tea service is that you can grow by people in town getting to know your inn. Plus the revenue generated can see you through the off seasons, off years. Once Aunties, Grandmas and Book Clubs discover you, they’ll also start booking their cousins and friends for rooms as well.

It will take sweat equity and imagination to work out the kinks but not to worry. You already have all that. Best of all you have free rent for your Tea service.


Inn at Little Washington Tea Service

Inn at Little Washington

From Facebook and their newsletter –

“For the first time, we will open to the public for tea on Sunday afternoons. Steeped in history, tea will be served in our 1740’s colonial ballroom – the same room that George Washington himself danced in as a youth. Tea Service – $68 per person, plus tax, gratuity and alcoholic beverages.”


10 Beautiful Tea Service photos to inspire your menu & venue

Innkeepers Scones & Recipes for Tea


Critical Task:

Get Control Over Your Digital Marketing Assets

Gather and Organize this information now. It’s absolutely critical that innkeepers have access to all their digital assets for emergencies and everyday changes.

Collect it yourself, or with summer help or with your webmaster. Then store all this digital information in one, safe place.

Access Information to Your Website

Webmaster Name (if you have one) ______________________________________

Web Company name: ____________________________________________________

Contact _________________________________________________________________

Phone # _________________________________________________________________

Cell # for emergencies ___________________________________________________

Email address _________________________________________________________________

Account # _________________________________________________________

Access to Your Hosting & Domain Accounts

Our Website is Hosted On ________________________________________________

Account #? ______________________________________________________________

Username _______________________________________________________________

Password _______________________________________________________________

FTP access _____________________________________________________________

cPanel access __________________________________________________________

Domain ________________________________________________________________

Where is it held (GoDaddy, etc) __________________________________________

Account # ______________________________________________________________

Username ______________________________________________________________

Access to Your Reservation System

Name of Reservation System ________________________________

Contact name there _________________________________________

Contact phone # ____________________________________________

Contact email: ______________________________________________

Account name # ____________________________________________

Username ___________________________________________________

Password ___________________________________________________

There’s so much more but the list above is a good start. Let us know how long it took to fill out and what else should be on it. Watch for our next newsletters for the expanded versions to make sure you have control over the digital assets that you own.

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What We Heard This Week

Oops. Photos Have Copyrights – “We built our site and used photos off the internet without the permission of the photographer. We were issued a cease and desist order by an attorney. Our insurance company is handling the issue but we will ultimately wind up paying the photographer damages.” Innkeeper, Southeast

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I Want Reviews On Every Page Of My Website Like Olde Rhinebeck Inn – “I read in your newsletter about having moving reviews at the bottom of every page. I really like that. I loved that site you built with the little Book Now Pig ( It has those moving reviews on the banner and I like how it looks on my phone. I love the detail.”  Donna, Penn. inn owner

I Always Read Your Newsletters – “I know iLoveInns knows what they are doing. You often talk about things in your newsletters that my webmaster constantly tells me to do. Examples: get reviews – they are like votes for your website. Get links coming into your site. I always read your newsletters.” Lynn, owner, The Overlook Inn

I Need a New Website – “I read your newsletters all the time. And you are right, I need a new website. Mine is old and outdated. I’ve been meaning to update my website for years but always forget to call you or follow through.” Joan, owner Virginia inn,

Love the Newsletters “I love reading your newsletters -especially about Airbnb.” Joyce

I Fix My Website – “I update my website all the time based on what you tell me to do in your newsletters”. Owner, Calif. inn.

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Eagle Center’s Scone Recipe

Here’s a scone recipe that ‘s perfection every time. This recipe for basic scones is foolproof. As for what to spread on top of a scone, we like lemon curd, clotted cream, honey butter or homemade jam. We ‘re traditionalists that way.”

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