Cape Cod Inn Gets Gorgeous Feature on Price is Right

Yesterday we got a call from Captain David Kelley House asking us to add the Price is Right Logo to their website.

Just last September our staff finished the final touches on their new website with just the right vibe for a polished, sophisticated and fun inn.

Here’s what they said this morning: “It (the second episode) won’t air until May 12. We had given them two 5-night stays to use on the show. So exciting!”

We’re pretty sure if they hadn’t upgraded their website, the popular TV show would not have offered the free spot.

Guess how many nights they have already booked? 16 so far, so a pretty good trade.

Take a look at the clip of their feature while it is still posted.

Price is Right Video Clip of Captain David Kelley House Here.


Captain David Kelley House

The innkeepers show their friendly personality plus their famous scones.

At the Captain David Kelley House it’s about making guests exuberantly happy based on reading their reviews. Here’s one of their Google comments.

“These folks know how to enjoy life. Food is very good. Service is phenomenal.”

Their I-Love-Inns built website also makes a great impression and assures that talent seekers and journalists can be confident when they recommend the inn.

(Captain David Kelley House is also one of the 2020 Best 25 Inns in America (TripAdvisor). Three of the inns on the list had new websites built by our team.

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