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These 4 Tools Will Change Your Business

Get a New Gorgeous Website that is also Mobile Friendly.
This is the key to succeeding in the inn business and there’s competition like crazy in the travel space. What does a bad website look like? Good and bad sites all in one place.

Create A Weekly or Monthly Blog – Blogging keeps building your website and signaling Google – Beautiful Blogs Hire out a writer who will use your key words and provide content about local attractions, restaurants, events, festivals, etc. (Our writer, “Marian the Librarian” is Fabulous!) Or you can do the writing – How to Write Great Content Every single blog post increases the number of keywords and phrases you’ll be found on 3 Traffic Building Blogs

Newsletters That Bring Traffic and Guests – don’t let guests inn-hopp – they’ll come back to you when you keep showing them the new experiences they didn’t know they could have. Link from your newsletters to your website, blog, specials pages and your booking engine. How to Write Great Content. Ask to be sent sample newsletters.

Social Media – Keep Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter all up to date and attract more guests. We plan the posts once a month with you then calendar them throughout the month with space for anything additional that comes up. How Social Media boosts your business. Contact for one or all these 4 tools.

Marketing for Busy Innkeepers


When you decide on i Love Inns – a company who has promoted inns for more than 30 years – you’ll enjoy the process, gain control over your business and when the projects are launched, the results will be so good,, you will say,

“I wish, wish, I would have done this a lot sooner!”

Imagine how much your inn would grow if your website moved to a top spot such as the 3 inns whose blog and website gave them such a high position on Google. You would have so much stronger control over your inn’s destiny.

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– A. W. Tozer