Convince More Travelers Your Inn is the Best Option, 5-Point Checklists

Convince More Travelers That Your Inn is the Best Option

Convince More Travelers That Your Inn is the Best Option


Get a new website and you can actually convince more travelers that your inn is the best option and they will have the best experiences. Some qualities to look for include:

  1. Original, Fresh Content
    Content is important in the web world, unique and up to date. Fresh content keeps visitors and search engines coming back for more.
  2. Target Your Type of  Traveler
    Be sure your website will appeal to the kind of audience you have (note the food and vineyard photos here). Encourage visitors to take action.
  3. User-Friendly Navigation
    Pages here are organized and named in a way that the site visitor will easily understand. Your most popular content should be no more than a click away.  See it here –


5 Things That Will Hurt Your Website

  1. Websites should no longer Use Flash – they don’t rank well on search engines and it makes the site load too slow.
  2. Not Secure warning in the url (some travelers are scared to open a not secure site) Look to the Left of the URL in this example.
  3. Images without ALT Tags or Text Captions (search engines can’t read images – descriptive text helps to increase your rankings).
  4. Don’t Have Dead Links (Bad links lead nowhere or to error pages and you can receive Link Penalties by you-know-who.)
  5. No Clear Call to Action – See if you can find all 5 calls to action on this inn’s site – Arbor Hills  (And they are all “above the fold” of the site.)


You may need a little website maintenance to protect your website and keep it fresh and not penalized by Google.

Don’t have a webmaster? iLoveInns can add to or edit your existing site. Our IT team can add photos, make needed changes in pricing, create new sections/pages, etc. Give us a call and we can review what you need.

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Inn at Cedar Falls Cooking Class, Ohio

Photo Inn at Cedar Falls Cooking Class, Ohio


We Got Together and Made These Fixes to the Website of One Of Our Favorite World-Class Inns


Example of Fixes We Did For a Great Little Pennsylvania Inn:

  1. Added sections to their navigation bar
  2. They had us add specials and text on multiple pages that were in weird colors and odd fonts. (This had destroyed the design of the site.) We went in and made it complimentary to the rest of the site.
  3. Fixed or added title tags.
  4. Added alt tags to all photos
  5. Checked and fixed all broken links

We’ve done 20 hours so far over a period of time as the inn had funds.

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