Each Fabulous Photo You Take Could Be Worth Thousands



Each Fabulous Photo You Take Could Be Worth Thousands of Dollars in Reservations

Take Your Own Fabulous Photos by Linda Nolte of Ivy House.

Every great photo you use on your website and post to others is worth $$$$.

In fact, there’s an uptick of so it’s almost like clicking for money. Click those pics and make them big on your website.

Here’s great tips from the innkeepers of Ivy House. image-82

Take Your Time

Always take your time it is not a race to see how fast you can take photos. It takes me about two days to shoot my bed and breakfast inside. It takes a while to prepare don’t rush.
What NOT to Take

Make sure there are no cords, clocks, waste cans, tissue boxes or TVs in the pictures. You need these things but not in the pictures.


Bedding Tips

Make sure your sheets, spreads pillow cases, and such are pressed. It is so important that they are crisp. Don’t be afraid to turn down your beds to take the pictures. The sheets need to wrinkle free and tight on the bed if you are taking them turned down. Avoid silk or shiny materials they don’t photograph well.

No Stark Toilets and Only WHITE Towels

When shooting the bathrooms don’t take a shot of the toilet without softening it with maybe some soft fluffy towels on the lid so you don’t just see it jumping out at you. They want to see the bath but in a softened manor. When setting up the bath use white fluffy towels and fold them perfect. Even if you don’t use white towels for your guests use do for pictures. For goodness sake do not ever have a picture on your website with the lid up. Yes, I have seen this many times. It looks so unprofessional.

Tripod and Stand Lights – Really – It’s the Secret

Use a tripod for sure this makes your pictures much sharper. You want to use the most natural light if possible take the photos when there is the most sun in the room. Also use lighting not your flash. I use two stand lights with umbrellas. I also turn on all the lights in the room.

Taking a shot into a mirror with something reflecting back is an awesome shot. Photos taken out of a window of the gardens are also a nice touch. Of course no screens. I have taken pictures with the wind softly blowing through the window. If your curtains are soft and blowing with the breeze is a soft feel and very pleasing. Wash you windows if they will be in the pictures and take the screens out.

When taking a photo of your dining room set the table fully with your prettiest china candles, and your best crystal. It you have beautiful wood under the table cloth take off the cloth and take the pictures with the beautiful wood showing under the china set up. It makes a very classy look.

Always be aware of what is in the background whether in the house or outside. Sometimes we don’t look beyond what we are focused on. You don’t want to take a perfect picture and realize there is a junky car in the neighbors yard you didn’t think about until you start to edit your photos.

Remember you know your bed and breakfast better that anyone else. You can feel what you want your photos to look like. Look at other beautiful inn websites to get a feel of what you like when you look at the pictures.

Take your time and you will be so much happier with the end result.