Eureka Springs is Arkansas’ Tourism Pride


The Ozark Mountains in the state of Arkansas’ northwest has always been known to be a cradle of natural beauty and mystery. Visitors who come to see the wonders that it offers miss a great part of the place if they fail to go to Eureka Springs.  Located in the northern part of Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a special scenic attraction. Its being distinguished as the Eureka Springs Historic District and its being part of the National Register of Historic Places have made the city into the favorite getaway and tourist destination in the state.

There are two scenic lakes that are located several miles into the Ozark Mountains. These are just a few hours drive from Eureka Springs.  Beaver Lake is considered as the most beautiful of the White River Lakes. This man-made lake, which is actually a reservoir, is the site of many hiking trails that traverse through the wooded areas around the water. Aside from this, there are facilities for water sports and transportation. What makes it really famous though is that it is said to have the most exciting fresh water scuba diving site. Cruising with the Belle at the Ozarks is the perfect way to see the entire lake.  At the side of the lake is the Hobbs State Park and Conservation Area, which is the largest in the state.  For those who like to spend a day just having fun in the water, another option would be Table Rock Lake. The lake is also an ideal place for scuba divers and fishing enthusiasts.  A golf course at Holiday Island is found nearby.

As nature gifts Eureka Springs with its own work of arts through the lakes and the Ozark Mountains nearby, the city itself is home to a great number of artists.  Roam around the city’s main streets and galleries of different visual art genres is enjoyable. This is the reason why Eureka Springs bears the title of being Mid-America’s Art Capital. The month of May is when the city’s rich culture and arts are celebrated. During the entire duration of the May Festival of the Arts, all kinds of artworks and performances are presented to the public. Live performances can be seen nightly at the Basin Spring Park, the Auditorium, and the Pine Mountain Music and Comedy Theater.

There are so many scenic attractions and exciting spots in the city of Eureka Springs that a few days stay is not enough to experience it. One thing is clear though, visitors who have seen the city know that there is always a reason why they should go back.